Latina Leader Marisa Salcines to Fuel the Advancement of U.S. Latino Professionals as Center for Hispanic Leadership Atlanta Chapter President

by August 27, 2012

Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL) has launched its Atlanta Chapter in its efforts to accelerate the advancement of U.S Latino professionals with the appointment of Marisa Salcines as its local market President. According to CHL Founder, Glenn Llopis, “Ms. Salcines is a strong Latina Leader whose professional journey has influenced Hispanic advancement in both the private and public sectors over the past 16 years. We are delighted that Ms. Salcines will serve as our Atlanta Chapter President. Her impact and influence in the community will be noticed immediately.”

CHL’s Atlanta Chapter and others across the country will focus on providing culturally relevant educational online tools, and onsite discussion roundtables to help Latino professionals lead in the workplace and advance in their careers. As such, CHL’s Chapter President initiatives will be centered-around fostering strategic alliances with local market corporations to help their Hispanic talent bridge culture to enable higher levels of performance; thus cultivating innovation and initiative. CHL will also extend its culturally relevant educational outreach by developing local community engagement programs with colleges and universities to better prepare the next generation of Hispanic leaders that enter the workplace.

“Our goal will be to provide Hispanic talent with the leadership tools and support they need in order to make significant inroads in the workplace,” explains Ms. Salcines. “Additionally, our chapter will focus on engaging the community as well as corporations to further elevate the presence of Hispanics at the executive level.”

CHL’s recent launch of Hispanic Training Center, the first and only interactive virtual training center for and about Hispanics will serve as the vehicle to help enable culturally-relevant training with its local market partners. Unlike other membership programs where you pay to become part of a network, CHL Chapter membership is free when you sign-up to complete Level 1 Certification at CHL’s Hispanic Training Center. CHL rewards you for making a commitment to your professional development.

According to CHL Director of Client Relations, Annette Prieto-Llopis, “Atlanta is a growing Latino community and the 96 percent population growth in Georgia between 2000 and 2010 is a tremendous opportunity for corporations to engage more strategically with its employees by supporting culturally-relevant leadership programs. Ms. Salcines’ proven Hispanic leadership track record in Atlanta and community outreach in Georgia is certain to play a powerful role as President of our Atlanta Chapter.”

“The opportunity to be part of something as innovative and unprecedented as Hispanic Training Center is game changing,” says Ms. Salcines about her new role. “As President, I look forward to helping my fellow colleagues as well as the next generation of professionals learn to leverage their Hispanic heritage and cultural perspective to become true trailblazers and further advance their careers..”

For more information, regarding CHL Atlanta Chapter Membership please contact Marisa Salcines at To learn more about being a CHL Chapter leader or member in your local market, please contact Annette Prieto-Llopis at

About Center for Hispanic Leadership

CHL is the only Hispanic talent and business development institute of its kind. CHL is designed to create awareness of Hispanic leadership in today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace. CHL helps Hispanics leverage their heritage to discover their full potential in their careers; as authentic leaders and small business owners.

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