Lawmakers Still Scheming to Seize Control of NC’s Independent Courts

Lawmakers Still Scheming to Seize Control of NC’s Independent Courts

by January 10, 2018


The politicians in Raleigh have already tried to rig the system and cheat voters with racial gerrymandering and unconstitutional voting restrictions that were struck down by the courts. The politicians didn’t like the court rulings, so now they’re trying to change the judges to cement their control.

Think our judges should be fair, independent, and removed from politics? Yeah, so do a vast majority of North Carolinians.

Lawmakers in Raleigh are still scheming to seize control of North Carolina’s independent courts. Since 2013, 14 of their laws have been ruled unconstitutional. So the politicians want total control in order to make sure their unfair and unconstitutional laws are no longer stopped in courts. This isn’t fair, and they are willing to dismantle a key pillar of democracy to steamroll their extreme agenda.

Unfortunately, politicians in Raleigh think differently. Top state lawmakers are trying to gain partisan control over the courts and rig the system in their favor. First, they canceled primary elections for judges, and now the politicians are planning to return in January 2018 to cancel judicial elections altogether and simply appoint their political friends to fill the bench and tilt the scales of justice in their favor. It’s outrageous.

It’s time to hold them accountable. The NCGA will be back in session on January 10th and we will be there.

Join the NAACP, North Carolina Voters For Clean Elections (NCVCE), Democracy North Carolina, and Progress NC on January 10th for a day of action at the state legislature. We will kick off the day with a press conference in the Bicentennial Plaza, followed by a Citizens Lobby Day Of Action (lunch provided).

For months we have been fighting this unfair power grab and today we are joining hundreds of others in Raleigh to make sure our lawmakers know the people of North Carolina demand NC courts be fair and independent. It is clear our lawmakers have felt the pressure. We can stop them, but…

We need your help. 

This fight for fair courts has taken a huge collective effort of thousands of people across the state and we can’t back down now. Please consider a donation to help us print signs, deliver petitions, and pay for advertising that will keep the pressure on our lawmakers. Every little bit helps.

North Carolina needs us to fight this fight for fair courts for everyone, not just those who are politically connected. With your help, we can win this.

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