Music Entrepreneur Learns How To Develop Real Estate

by March 4, 2013

Courtney “Coko” Eason is an entertainment entrepreneur striving to make a difference in the Nashville Music Scene. Her company, Soundtrack Entertainment, LLC focuses on bringing a diverse selection of events, concerts and TV broadcasts to Nashville, that are comparable to entertainment cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta. However, she realized that the dreams she had for her city could only come true if a new venue was developed and built to cater to those who enjoyed Rock, Pop & Urban music events in a fun yet upscale and trendy atmosphere.

“I needed guidance to put this 80,000 square foot nashUP entertainment real estate development together. I chose the REDI Foundation’s comprehensive ONLINE Course Program because of its renowned reputation and hands on approach in helping me become a real estate development expert in only 6-months. Even though The REDI Foundation’s Course is very intense and challenging, I’m living proof that if you work hard and stay focused, you can be successful in putting together real estate development joint ventures. Richard Michael Abraham, the Founder of REDI has taught me how to succeed in the real estate development business. As I am new to the business, I had many questions and Mr. Abraham has answered every single one along with additional advice and feedback on how to turn my real estate development into a reality. I’ve learned the How To +Real Estate Development,” Courtney stated.

The 6-Month Real Estate Development Private Mentoring/Certification ONLINE Course provides over 700-pages (Four Separate Sections) of step-by-step, professionally printed instruction, assignments and exams coupled with unlimited private Mentoring from famed developer and educator, author and lecturer, Richard Michael Abraham in his final, legacy course.

“Since my idea was very creative and unique, I was worried that the Course would only cater to those interested in residential or commercial real estate development. However, I was very wrong. Mr. Abraham is there to help with any development no matter how specific it may be. The comprehensive printed Course materials that Richard Michael Abraham provides will turn anyone into an intuitive developer. His teachings have helped me to take my company to a whole new level. I plan to add Venue Development to my list of services and develop and own many entertainment facilities throughout the world. I’m thankful for being accepted into the REDI Foundation’s Course and I’m so proud to say that Mr. Abraham is my mentor,” Courtney added.

The REDI Foundation’s ONLINE Certification Real Estate Development Course is today, the only individual, private, Mentoring Certification Real Estate Development Course in the world.

A limited number of students from around the world are accepted into this Course by Application only. Tuition is comparable to an Ivy League college course.

For course details, tuition costs, and to apply, visit •

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