Nazar Selected as New Human Relations Manager

Nazar Selected as New Human Relations Manager

by May 2, 2017

(Fayetteville, N.C.) — Yamile Nazar has been selected as the new Human Relations Manager for the Fayetteville-Cumberland Human Relations Department. In her new position, Nazar will manage the department’s various human relations programs and initiatives. She will work with residents, as well as leaders and organizations in the public, private, non-profit and higher education sectors in support of positive human relations in compliance with the City’s human relations ordinance.

Throughout her 22 years of public service, Nazar has held various technical and leadership positions at the local and state government levels. She served as an investigator in the Suffolk County Department of Law and a mediator in the Office of the Attorney General, both in the State of New York. She also served as a community engagement professional for the Durham County (North Carolina) Library system and a division manager for the City of Greensboro’s Human Relations Department.

“Yamile brings extensive experience and technical expertise in creating human relations programs and consulting services in local and state government, as well as demonstrated abilities in community relations, public/private/non-profit partnerships and policy work in human relations and civil rights,” said Dr. Anthony Wade, director of the Fayetteville-Cumberland Human Relations Department. “Her extensive and successful public sector experience will enable us to offer enhanced strategic advisory and consulting capabilities to our community in support of the City’s related ordinances.”

A nationally recognized subject matter expert, Nazar has presented at state and national human relations and human rights professional conferences. She has provided expert counsel on human relations issues to elected and appointed officials, senior organizational management and community leaders.

In Greensboro, Nazar served as city government coordinator for committee and relationship management with departmental liaisons in support of the City’s Limited English Proficiency (LEP) program and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Bilingual and highly fluent in Spanish, Nazar created and distributed information in Spanish and English and appeared on the American-Spanish language broadcast television network Univision promoting City events. She also authored and published media articles on understanding and awareness of fair housing, Latinos and cultural competencies. Her efforts minimized organizational barriers and facilitated greater access to municipal programs and services for LEP and international residents. She was also responsible for special emphasis programs serving diverse populations, including, but not limited to minority, physically/mentally challenged, GLBTQ and refugee and immigrant residents.

Nazar oversaw student human relations commissions in 20 high schools with over 500 students throughout Greensboro and Guilford County. She also held annual student human relations commission conferences that were attended by over 200 students each year for related training by subject matter experts that focused upon positive youth human relations.


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