NC NAACP: Chief Justice Mark Martin to Meet with NC NAACP Leadership

by December 11, 2017

RALEIGH – Ten days ago we delivered letters to Chief Justice Mark Martin, leader of the Judiciary Branch of North Carolina. The letter was similarly delivered to the Executive and Legislative branch leaders. The NC Constitution provides these three co-equal branches of our Government shall operate independently, providing a fluid system of checks and balances that permit our democracy to flourish and survive, particularly in occasional turbulent periods of change our people go through as we work to create a “more perfect union” since North Carolina was founded, half slave and half-free in 1789. The meetings are to help our new leadership team get our bearings, since my recent election as President of the NC NAACP, and to help us make our plans to move North Carolina toward the NAACP’s 109 year-old purpose: to eliminate racial discrimination and prejudice from our society.

Yesterday, we received a call from Chief Justice Mark Martin’s Executive Assistant, accepting our request for a meeting with proposed dates in January 2018 for the meeting. We are delighted that this branch of government is willing to pull up a chair and sit across the table of civility. Our 100 branches, friends on college campuses and more than 200 organizations and churches are encouraged by this response. When the meeting date is set, we will keep the public informed.

We have yet to hear from the leaders of the other two branches.

Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman, President, NC NAACP

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