New Book Fosters the Entrepreneurial Spirit for Urban Youth

by May 26, 2015

Military veteran turned Author Thomas Barr Jr. has spent years working in the service of government.  He has penned a book that portrays the urban settings of Miami in fostering entrepreneurs among at risk youth.  The book is entitled “Notorious P-Man Sam: Miami’s Urban Chronicles Volume I” and is a biopic of the life of former Miami based Entrepreneur Samuel Silvasteen.

The author drew from his years of experience as a Miami resident when writing this book.  “The youth of today face troubling futures in the light of the Trayvon Martin verdict, Ferguson shooting and the Baltimore unrest,” the author said.  “They must be inspired! A future can be made despite the pressures of society and not fall prey to disillusionment.” 

The author based his main character on the tragic drive-by shooting of former business man Samuel Silvasteen and wants to tell his story to others aspiring to take control of their life.  “The youth must recognize that they have options in life,” said the author.   

The book details events which influence the main character in negative ways and documents his success plus failures as an entrepreneur.  This book is about the struggle of African American men as they traverse the perils of 20th and twenty first century life in the professional realms of the work place atmosphere. The differences in opportunities are often overlooked in comparison to other classes and among the races. 

The American dream is the realization of success in the face of struggle and hard work. Is it relevant that one’s struggle is harder than the other in accomplishment of this goal? P-Man Sam is a hard look at the road to self-empowerment and what it takes to make it in the American society. The entrepreneurial spirit is one of the main roads traveled in realization of the American dream.

It takes knowledge and a fearlessness to take a chance in the ruthless world of business in this society. It’s also important to be able to effectively communicate with the modern diverse society of today through effective people skills. 

The P-Man Sam story brings an awareness of how to navigate negative experiences and transform them into motivational learning blocks. Learning from experiences and moving forward is essential in life. One’s eyes must be open and naïve thought processes must be conquered in attaining the ultimate prize. The following are useful for application: 


  Net working 

  Coalition building 


This book is a good source for inspiration and having hope is a major force in your journey through life. Situations and circumstances should not be viewed as a hindrance, but instead a hurdle in step to the finish line. There are many instances in this story that relay the struggle against forces that present obstacles. Willpower and dedication are true factors that assist the main character in winning out against such forces. 

In conclusion, the power of love and support are sustaining factors in the realization of goals in life. The act of goal-setting itself is an important factor in accomplishing anything in pursuant of ambitious dreams. This novel is sprinkled with kernels of knowledge and inspirational wording designed to give the reader insight into the motivations of the main character that can be transcending to experience. 

It is beneficial and intended to identify and acquire these gems of knowledge to retain as progressive career tools. Author excerpts at 

Thomas Barr Jr. in his sophomore novel attempts to chronicle the life styles of African

American business people and why they choose to go into business for themselves.  The book was released on April 1st, 2015 with a campaign for movie adaptation.  The book is available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and Ebookit.  Follow Thomas on twitter at ThomasBarrJr., Instagram at MiamiUrbanChronicles  and  

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