New Hanover County Schools Announces Elementary Science Olympiad Winners

by April 7, 2011

The 2011 Elementary Science Olympiad tournament was held at Freeman School of Engineering on April 2, 2011. Among the nearly 250 elementary students who participated, more than 150 students were from New Hanover County Schools.  These bright students in grades 3-5 showed off their talents in the areas of science facts, concepts, processes, skills and applications.  The nine New Hanover County elementary schools represented include Anderson, Bellamy, Blair, Codington, College Park, Freeman, Gregory, Pine Valley and Snipes Academy.

Top-scoring trophies were awarded to winners in the overall team score category and include Anderson – 1st place, Codington – 2nd place, Gregory School of Math – 3rd place and Bellamy with the 5th place honor.

Congratulations to the following students who were presented with medals in the following science categories:

3…2…1…Blast Off!:             2nd place- Pine Valley (Kelly Baker & Virginia Millard)

3rd place- Anderson (Ryan Friedhof & Emily Mauney)

4th place- College Park (Seth Haney & Jason Galvan)

Describe It, Build It:                     1st place- College Park (Savannah Roberts & Grayson Roberts)

2nd place- Blair (Marlee Zay & Gordon Mellitt)

4th place- Freeman (Essence Newkirk & Yamahjai Lewis)

5th place- Codington (Ben Freeman & Connor Hudson)

Egg Drop:                                   2nd place- Pine Valley (Taylor Brouillette & Amani Abumazen)

4th place- Anderson (Madeline Hayes & Laura Grace Overby)

5th place- Gregory (Kyhre Williams & Aaron Britton)

First in Flight:                    2nd place- Anderson (Cameron Stewart & Travis Busalachi)

3rd place- Bellamy (Jackson France & Zach Smith)

4th place- Snipes (Tanner Gittrich & AJ Dalmasi)

5th place- Pine Valley (Cam Wilson & Ryan Corrigan)

Landformers:                     1st place- Bellamy (Carson Neumann & Joey Shaver)

2nd place- Gregory (Mayah Morris  &  Shannon Bowerman)

3rd place- Blair (Bader Kharbat & Jordan Raymond)

Landformers (JV):               1st place- Gregory (Tyler Johnson)

Measurement Mania:           1st place- Anderson (Chase Dean & Connor Schlaline)

2nd place- Bellamy (Skylar Robins & Ugonna Agbafe)

3rd place- Freeman (Taniah Andrews & Madison Rios)

5th place- Codington (Wyatt Williams & Jamie Witmer)

Newton’s Notions:              1st place- Blair (Dana Gould & Kyle Fielding)

2nd place- Anderson (Chase Dean & Travis Busalachi)

4th place- Codington (Katherine Boudreau & Ben Freeman)

5th place- Gregory (Janae Young & Catherine Williams)

Pasta Tower:                              3rd place- Codington (Ella Hood & Grant Szaloky)

5th place- Bellamy (Evan Gurkin & Alexandra Rivenbark)

Rock Star:                                  1st place- Anderson (Ellie Kinsey & Brianna Cunliffe)

3rd place- Gregory (Braxton Williams & Mac Bell)

4th place- Bellamy (Jackson France & Zach Smith)

Science Clue:                     1st place- Codington (Riley Hook & Hayden White)

2nd place- Anderson (Nathan Kinsey & Connor Schlaline)

3rd place- Gregory (Caroline Daniels & Karl Ricanek)

5th place- Freeman (Essence Newkirk & Yamahjai Lewis)

Secret Structures:              2nd place- Codington (Mason Petrusic & Wyatt Williams)

3rd place- Gregory (Mayah Morris & Shannon Bowerman)

4th place- College Park (Sean Melvin & Shelby Posey)

Weather Permitting:                     1st place- Blair (Bader Kharbat & Jordan Raymond)

2nd place- Anderson (Tabitha Lee & Caitlyn Donavon)

3rd place- Gregory (Cierra Robbins & Marcol Glenn)

Weather Permitting (JV):     1st place- Gregory (Myles Tracy & Jack Cruz)

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