North Carolina NAACP: We Must Fight to Protect the Environment

by May 12, 2017
Contact North Carolina Legislators and ask them to oppose HB 467 and support communities, not polluters by sustaining Governor Cooper’s veto. HB 467 severely limits recovery for communities around hog farms and other Agricultural and Forestry Operations.
What does this bill do:
  • Unjustly limits the total amount of damages that residents around hog farms and other confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) can receive in a nuisance lawsuit. 
  • Eliminates compensation for harms to health, lost income, and pain and suffering caused by CAFOs.
Sadly, hog farms are often placed in communities with low property values. To make matters worse, these property owners then experience depreciation of the fair market value of their properties due to the very presence of nauseating odors caused by CAFOs.  Limiting recovery to property value and eliminating other recovery is a direct attack on already vulnerable communities in eastern North Carolina. We must stand with Governor Cooper and ask legislators to support his veto.
Community members may want to say:

“Governor Cooper vetoed HB 467. Please stand with him and impacted communities by voting to sustain his veto when it comes up for a vote. Thank you.”

1)    Rep. Charles Graham – Robeson County
2)    Rep. Edward Hanes – Forsyth County
3)    Rep. Rodney Moore – Mecklenburg County
4)    Rep. Marvin W. Lucas – Cumberland

5)    Rep. Howard J. Hunter – Bertie, Gates, Herford, Pasquotank
6)    Rep. Michael H. Wray – Halifax, Northampton
7)    Rep. William Brisson – Bladen, Johnson, Sampson

8)    Rep. Ken Goodman – Hoke, Montgomery, Richmond, Robeson, Scotland


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