“Obama: An Intimate Portrait” The Historic Presidency in Photographs

by December 15, 2017

Relive the extraordinary Presidency of Barack Obama through White House photographer Pete Souza’s behind-the-scenes images and stories in this #1 New York Times bestseller–with a foreword from the President himself.

During Barack Obama’s two terms, Pete Souza was with the President during more crucial moments than anyone else–and he photographed them all. Souza captured nearly two million photographs of President Obama, in moments highly classified and disarmingly candid.

Obama: An Intimate Portrait reproduces more than 300 of Souza’s most iconic photographs with fine-art print quality in an oversize collectible format. Together they document the most consequential hours of the Presidency–including the historic image of President Obama and his advisors in the Situation Room during the bin Laden mission–alongside unguarded moments with the President’s family, his encounters with children, interactions with world leaders and cultural figures, and more.

Souza’s photographs, with the behind-the-scenes captions and stories that accompany them, communicate the pace and power of our nation’s highest office. They also reveal the spirit of the extraordinary man who became our President. We see President Obama lead our nation through monumental challenges, comfort us in calamity and loss, share in hard-won victories, and set a singular example to “be kind and be useful,” as he would instruct his daughters.
This book puts you in the White House with President Obama, and will be a treasured record of a landmark era in American history.

One of the early hot books of the holiday shopping seasons appears to be Obama: An Intimate Portrait by Pete Souza, the White House photographer during Obama’s two terms. The $50 hardcover, published by Little, Brown, features hundreds of photographs plus a foreword by the former President.

Over the weekend, independent booksellers reported having difficulty getting new copies and as of Monday morning the book is listed as out-of-stock at both Amazon and BN.com. On the B&N site, the company said the book will be available for shipping on December 15, while Amazon only now says about the status of the book” “order now and we’ll deliver when available.”

Obama was released November 7 and has sold almost 163,000 copies, according to NPD BookScan, including more than 24,000 copies last week.

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President Barack Obama takes pictures of Chief Photographer Pete Souza before departing the Ancient City of Petra in Jordan, March 23, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)



Pete Souza has been the Official Chief White House Photographer for the entire tenure of the Presidency of Barack Obama. He has been a professional photographer since the 1970’s and was the Washington Photographer for the Chicago Sun-Times for several years and was an official White House Photographer during the Reagan years. His work has appeared in Life and National Geographic and he is the author of several books.

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