- Help Us Reach Our Goal of 1,000 Grassroots Donors

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On Friday, more than 100 people showed up with less than 6 hours notice to protest Pat McCrory's signing the anti-choice and voter discrimination bills that he admitted he hadn't even read. That's an impressive turnout, but what's even more interesting is Gov. McCrory blamed us! McCrory said ProgressNC has been following him all over the state and he's right. Because of small-dollar grassroots contributions, we've been able to tell people across North Carolina about his broken promises.

In July, we raised $28,098 from 822 people to put our billboard truck in every major city in the state. Help us get to 1,000 grassroots donors by the end of the month to keep up the pressure on McCrory. Chip in $3 or more so McCrory can see how strong our people-powered organization is.

McCrory can blame us for holding him to his word and we'll wear his scorn like a badge of honor. But we've just begun to fight. We need to educate people across North Carolina about the damage that McCrory and his allies in the legislature have done.

Help us reach our goal of 1,000 grassroots donors with a gift today. We can keep up the fight but we need your support.

Thanks for all you've done. Together, we're making a difference.

Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director 
ProgressNC Action