- Waiting to Exhale on Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha's Vineyard; Plus Tips To Make Your Getaway A Success
Planning large group respites are becoming more common place as women seek ways broaden their networks, re-connect with friends and experience different environments on heir "bucket lists."

Many women love the outdoors, exploring new places, have talents they want to share and want to get away to relax and they are willing to put aside their usual vacation habits and go on a girls' getaway with friends and strangers. With times so tough and many women want to save and forgo vacations, a girlfriends retreat is a perfect way to experience a wonderful place and join with other women while not spending a lot of money.

Citing "needing some downtime", "looking forward... need stress relief", "wanting to be with positive people" are some reasons why guests say they are going on the 

Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha's Vineyard. They are waiting to exhale on this relaxing and rejuvenating week-long vacation taking place September 8-15 or 

September 15-22. More than 75 women are connecting with friends from around the country.

Here are some suggestions essential to include in planning a group retreat once the destination is secured. To coordinate a retreat as exciting and relaxing for the host as 

it is for the guests, incorporate the following: