- The Pretty Brown Girl Movement

"Expansion Provides New Employment Opportunities" Left, Sheri Crawley CEO of Pretty Brown Girl and Dara Munson, CEO of Big Brother, Big Sister of Metro Detroit, working together to empower High School students celebrate the shades of brown skin.

CEO and Founder of Pretty Brown Girl, LLC, Sheri Crawley, recently announced the Pretty Brown Girl (PBG) Clubs for girls across the globe. Launched only two years ago Pretty Brown Girl, LLC was created to encourage girls to celebrate the shades of brown skin and inspire positive self-esteem through a unique product line. Now Pretty Brown Girl offers a much needed common core curriculum model with interactive engagement and solutions to this very critical topic. Higgins-Lewis K-8 school in the Boston School district will begin a PBG After-School Program in the fall. Lena Reddick, the Director of Community and Partnership is very excited to have curriculum based workshops to help her students of varying ethnicities deal with self-confidence and skin-tone issues.

With an emphasis on parent and community engagement most schools will also involve parents to help with Pretty Brown Girl Clubs. The goal is to have partnerships with elementary, middle and high schools across the country to address the very important yet neglected subject matter of skin tone and self-esteem. The Pretty Brown Girl curriculum based workshops guide girls through a self-discovery journey that inspires confidence, self-love and a passion to pursue their dreams.

Pretty Brown Girl Programs foster partnership through which existing organizations can implement a reputable platform and join a conversation that touches so many girls in this country. A celebratory spirit is the essence of the Pretty Brown Girl brand. The PBG Curriculum seeks to acknowledge what it is like to be a brown girl in America and address the fact the skin tone is still a point of contention, while celebrating girls in a way that is both constructive and fun. The Pretty Brown Girl program honors girls in different ages and stages in life by allowing them a safe space to have their voices heard. Each module has a segment dedicated to engaging girls in rich dialogue and reflective journaling to enhance each participant's experience.

To solidify the collaboration within the educational community Pretty Brown Girl is now offering national positions of Educational Liaisons to ensure the integrity of the learning outcomes. These positions are open to those individuals with backgrounds in education who want to work with coordinating Pretty Brown Girl programming with schools across the country.

To find out more about PBG programs for schools or to inquire about working with Pretty Brown Girl, visit or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it