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Weekly Headlines

Lupe Fiasco Ignites National Conversation on the “Terrible, Substandard Education” of Black Men in America

Written by Phillip Jackson, The Black Star Project on Monday, 15 July 2013 11:36.

In Rochester, N.Y. 9% of young Black males graduate from high school, 20% in Detroit, 24% in Philadelphia, 28% in New York City, 39% in Chicago and 41% in Los Angeles, and about 50% of Black males in America finished high school with their graduating class in 2010, according to a 2012 report from the Schott Foundation for Public Education. 

Increasing Mental Health First Aid in Rural America

Written by Featured Organization on Monday, 15 July 2013 11:35.

One in five Americans has a mental illness yet only about 4 in 10 of these people receive treatment.  In rural America—where 20 percent of the country’s population lives—the challenges of getting mental health treatment are exacerbated by the fear of being misunderstood, lack of awareness about services, and chronic shortage of behavioral health providers.

In My Corner On The Moon: Helping Children Heal From Traumatic Experiences

Written by Featured Organization on Monday, 15 July 2013 11:34.

Atlanta, GA  – It has been 26 weeks since 26 innocent people died in the mass shooting in Newtown, CT, and the effects of this devastating trauma will be felt for many years by this community.

Living With Mama

Written by Attorney Marlene S. Cooper, Special to the NNPA from the Los Angeles Sentinel on Monday, 08 July 2013 18:08.

Many parents have an adult child living with them.  Sometimes it is for the benefit of the parents — a child can be a wonderful caregiver and provide much needed financial assistance.  Oftentimes, however, the adult child is living with the parent because either he or she never left home in the first place or because he or she is unable or unwilling to establish a household of his or her own.

Dark Days Unfolding: Black and White Boys' Bodies at Dozier Reform School in Florida Soon to be Exhumed

Written by Featured Organization on Monday, 08 July 2013 18:00.

Marianna, FL -- Behind the clear blue skies, white sandy beaches and hundreds of themes parks in the sunshine state of Florida that attract millions of people throughout the year, there is a dark ghostly shadow in Marianna, Florida. Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys, also known as the Florida Industrial School for Boys, was a residential school for both black and white boys from 1900 until 2011. The infamous reform school has made headline news for the inhumane treatment of both black and white boys who were confined there.

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