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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Written by Peter Grear on Tuesday, 01 April 2014 20:52.

Travis Holt Educate, Organize and Mobilize: I’m a supporter of President Obama and write this as my first response to an attack on him by someone I presume to be a Republican, right winger suffering from “Obama Derangement Syndrome.”  On March 22, 2014 the Star News of Wilmington, NC published a letter to the editor entitled “Obama’s Deceitful” written by Scott McKinnon of Wilmington. Mr. McKinnon wrote that “There is no greater character flaw than lying. ...”  I’ll not take issue with that but would like to know if he knows someone who hasn’t lied.  An image in the mirror can be a consideration.  His position was that Obama “repeatedly lied about keeping your policy and your doctor and promised you would save money.”   I suggest that Mr. McKinnon was correct on the issues of keeping your policy and your doctor.  However, his conclusion about saving money is both premature and debatable. 

Low Information Voters: ALEC

Written by Peter Grear on Thursday, 27 March 2014 14:46.

John Travis holt articles Educate, Organize and Mobilize: Over the past several months I’ve been writing about various aspects of voter suppression with the purpose of explaining its concepts, strategies and objectives to move voters to action against voter suppression.  Last week we published a quote from a reader that pointed out that our efforts are falling short of their intended results.  My article two weeks ago on the African American Caucus, which as all articles are, was posted on Facebook, drew a comment from Vivian Brenner who said “Good read! You're organizing and getting momentum, and the word is getting out. 


Educate, Organize and Mobilize: A Matter of Faith

Written by Peter Grear on Thursday, 20 March 2014 17:59.


Throughout my coverage of voter suppression, I’ve tried to identify and define what a successful campaign to defeat voter suppression looks like. Throughout the time that I’ve been writing about voter suppression (November 2013 – to date), I’ve addressed targets and tactics of voter suppression activist. I’ve also reviewed and analyzed news and other information that I considered important for a good understanding of our challenge. I trust that our readers will refer to my earlier articles for more details. Earlier articles are archived on and can also be located on the Internet by searching #defeatvotersuppression.

The African American Caucus

Written by Peter Grear, Esq. on Thursday, 13 March 2014 16:52.

John Travis Holt Vote ID Educate, Organize and Mobilize: This past Saturday, March 8, 2014, I was invited to present and overview on voter suppression to the Pitt County African American Caucus of the Democratic Party.  I was pleased to accept the invitation and make a presentation.  There were several very important revelations that I came away with.  I was joined by Patricia Ferguson, my co-leader of the campaign to defeat voter suppression and chair of the Bertie County African American Caucus.  Patricia addressed our campaign’s Resolution to Defeat Voter Suppression and, in an aside, offered an insightful observation to our small attentive audience.  She said it is not the size of the audience that is important, but the size of networks that the audience represents.  It is important that we are all mindful of this observation as we grow our campaign.  

Time To Panic?

Written by Peter Grear, Esq. on Thursday, 06 March 2014 15:41.

John T Holt

Educate, organize and mobilize: When a community is facing a political disaster should it push the panic button?  Many of you know that I’ve been monitoring and writing commentaries on voter suppression and the North Carolina Voter Suppression Act of 2013 since early August 2013.  Since August I’ve watched the growth of voter suppression activities and the evolution of under supported campaigns to defeat voter suppression.  In deciding whether or not to push the panic button, several important evaluations must be made.  


Operation Jumpstart the Vote Leadership Training

Written by Peter Grear, Esq. on Friday, 28 February 2014 22:02.

John Travis Holt Pgrear

Educate, organize and mobilize: This past Saturday I attended a meeting entitled Operation Jumpstart the Vote Leadership Training.  I found it very compelling and informative.  You should have been there.  In my column last week I noted that since August 2013 I've continued to ask myself "what would an effective campaign to defeat voter suppression look like?”  I indicated that I found my answer when discussing the planned participation in the campaign to defeat voter suppression by the North Carolina Alliance of Black Elected Officials, (the Alliance).  That column is posted at and archived on