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1 Don’t Wait for the Revolution — 'Be the Change' and Live It Organization's Staff
2 Call Sens. Chambliss and Isakson: Reject the toxic coal ash bill Organization's Staff
3 Help Us Reach Our Goal of 1,000 Grassroots Donors Organization's Staff
4 Pat McCrory Lied about New Abortion Law Organization's Staff
5 Zimmerman Verdict: Hope Must Prevail James HarperSpecial to the NNPA from theFlorida Courier
6 Zimmerman Verdict A Travesty in "Post Racial" America Vantage Point, Dr. Ron Daniels
7 Moment for Action on Climate Change Benjamin Todd Jealous
8 Black Pastors to Members: Be Aware and Beware Zimmerman Verdict Courtney Jacobs and Blair AdamsSpecial to the NNPA from The Afro-American
9 National Protests of Zimmerman Verdict Reach Fever Pitch George E. CurryNNPA Editor-in-Chief
10 Strolling Down the Beauty Aisles Cheryl Pearson-McNeil NNPA Columnist
11 Letter to the Editor: Sponsors of House Bill 944 Organization's Staff
12 Turning the Clock Back on Voting Rights Julianne Malveaux
13 Boycott Donald Trump! A Plea To Advertisers To Pull Sponsorship Organization's Staff
14 American Forum Op-ed by NC business leader on Bush-era tax cuts Organization's Staff
15 What's With All the Groupon (GRPN) Investor Hatred: A solid investment for our times John Travis Holt, editor in chief
16 Stopping the Rush to War against Iran Sheldon Richman
17 Tell Congress: Overturn Citizens United and End Corporate Personhood CREDO
18 Cain’s Presidential Bid was Asinine-Nine-Nine George E. Curry
19 Howard University Adds Its Voice to Occupy Movement Barrington M. Salmon, NNPA
20 Cain Isn’t Able ... to Keep His Lies Straight George E. Curry