The Real Issues with the Government Shutdown

The Real Issues with the Government Shutdown

by January 24, 2019

The media and the public have given too much attention to Donald Trump the man and the President and not enough to this system of government we have with built-in checks and balances. Case in point: instead of spending so much time arguing with Trump, why don’t the media and the American people focus on the process that allows a solution. Please follow the explanation about to be given about the available process for ending this matter.

Trump is relying upon Mitch McConnell and his pledge not to bring any bill to the floor of the U.S. Senate for a vote unless he knows, in advance, that the President will approve. The U.S. Senate has the ability to gather enough signatures of sitting senators to not only bring the bill to the floor of the Senate, but also to guarantee an override of a Presidential Veto by Trump. Such a bill already passed the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate before the Christmas holidays. The problem is that, with the Republicans staying committed to Trump and not the American people who put them in office, the bill would not have survived a Presidential Veto.

If it takes 60 Senators in the Senate to override McConnell and put the measure to a vote and there are only 47 democrats and independents, then a minimum of 13 Republican Senators need to break ranks with McConnell and the President and end the shutdown, even if that’s by an override of a Trump Veto.

The American people who are concerned about the shutdown and missed paychecks need to put the pressure on the Republican Senators who place more value on standing with the President in his insanity than keeping their Oath of Office, which is a sworn commitment to uphold the Constitution of the United States “So help them God,” and not upholding the President of the United States.

The issue here should not be Democrat or Republican, it should be what’s good for this nation during a time of a fabricated crisis with elected officials putting politics over the business of the American people.

America, the focus has to be on the Republican members of the U.S. Senate who feel that they are so safe as to be insulated against public opinion on this issue. Let’s call them out one by one.

Secondly, let’s put the spotlight on the 25th Amendment the U.S. Constitution which speaks to removing the President when he becomes “unable to fulfill the duties of his office.”

We have a government with checks and balances, with separation of powers grounded in the Constitution as our governing document. We cannot and must not allow politics to circumvent our system of government.  Let’s find those 13 senators, break up the McConnell Block and end this shutdown and get on with the business of government with people getting paid for the work they have been hired to do.


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