The Sampson-Duplin Spotlight for November 2016

by November 1, 2016

Greater Diversity News Print Edition August 11, 2016

Download The Sampson-Duplin Spotlight (The Spotlight), a monthly publication for Northeastern, N.C. Thanks to the help and support from area churches, businesses, political and community leaders.

The Spotlight and GDN is distributed through local churches and businesses and is available free of charge. The ever growing distribution locations are listed in The Spotlight and we are hereby inviting churches and businesses that have not already joined our distribution network to do so now.

Our local sales representative is Ms. Carolyn Hall (252) 538-1049. We are in need of part-time distribution persons, writers and additional sales representatives.

In order for our expansion to be successful it is imperative that our community and business leaders contact their public bodies (cities, counties, housing authorities, hospitals, school boards, colleges, etc.) and ask them to regularly include GDN and The Spotlight when advertising jobs, bid opportunities and other matters. It is especially important that political candidates that solicit our votes show their support by advertising in our publications.

Please reflect on places where you do business and make them aware of their need to support our efforts in an ongoing manner.

Lastly, a growing number of supporters are actively planning our way forward by participating in periodic telephone conference calls and by engaging in other support activities. We are hereby inviting our readers to support our efforts by joining our calls and giving input into other activities that are supportive.

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