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Voter Engagement

Educate, Organize, Mobilize

Voters Often Parrot the Party Line, Even When Polls Suggest Otherwise

Over time, political science has learned which types of questions are informative and which are not, based on models of public opinion.

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Aggie SGA-AG Pushes Campus Student Voter Engagement – GDN Exclusive, Vol. II, Part XXIV

Brenda Caldwell is the attorney general for N.C. A&T University’s Student Government Association. But the Greensboro native, junior and Political

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What Matters 2020 – Issues That Impact Minority Communities

In an exclusive interview, Cullors tells the NNPA Newswire that BLM was invited to attend the third installment of the Democratic Presidential Debate…

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Act Now: The Senate Bill 250 Is Bad for Voters and Immigrants – Take Action Now

The North Carolina General Assembly is at it again attacking the right to vote and people who are immigrants in one fell swoop. Your state representative is about to vote on a bill that could result in registered voters being improperly removed from the voter rolls

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NPHC Council of Presidents Announced Strategic Priorities Supporting Viability of the African American Community

The nine historically Black Greek-Lettered Organizations, recently announced its annual strategic priorities that will guide its collective efforts to address systemic issues affecting the viability of the African American community.

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N.C. House Completes Bipartisan Redistricting Process to Approve Randomly Selected Computer Generated Maps

The state House approved its own maps on Friday by a bipartisan supermajority vote of 68-42 for 13 of 14 county groupings, and a 60-50 vote on a single grouping considered in a separate vote.

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Federal Court Blocks Tennessee Law That Restricts Voter Registration Efforts

Judge Aleta A. Trauger issued an opinion granting a preliminary injunction in Tennessee N.A.A.C.P v. Hargett, enjoining a new Tennessee law that threatens criminal and civil penalties on civic engagement organizations that conduct voter registration drives, both informal and formal, at local community events.

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NCCU PACE Committee Leading the Way With: “A Call to Colors” – GDN Exclusive, Vol. II, Part XXIII

Students are being orientated not only to the importance of voting, and that many of the issues of today do, in fact, affect them, but that they also have a voting precinct on campus…

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Divine Nine Groups to Register Student Voters at Football Games – GDN Exclusive “A Call to Colors” Vol. II, Part XXIII

  When the Eagles of North Carolina Central University face off in their home opener against the Vikings of Elizabeth

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