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Voter Engagement

Educate, Organize, Mobilize

Part Two: The Pitt County Model – a Greater Diversity News (GDN) Exclusive Part XXIII

“We worked, and it paid off in Pitt County.” Mildred Council has issued a call to Shaw Bears to sign-up for GDN’s eNews and to review “A Call to Colors” on its site.

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“A Call to Colors” Strategy – Defeat Voter Suppression

GDN’s strategy for “A Call to Colors” response is quite simple and powerful.  Ask all alumni associations, at all levels, to create standing committees for non-partisan civic engagement.

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Detroit NAACP Slams Michigan Republicans for Trying to Limit Democrats’ Power

The resolution to these issues in Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina is very simple, Anthony continued. “Respect the will of the people. Get better policies and you will win more voters. Don’t try to steal it…

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GOP ‘Silence Now Deafening’ as Real Election Fraud Exposed in North Carolina

There’s finally a case that looks like real, election-changing election fraud. It just so happens that it’s alleged to have benefited a Republican.

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Missouri First to Adopt Fairness Test Against Gerrymandering

The votes won’t be cast for another four years, yet Democrats already appear likely to gain seats in Missouri’s Republican-dominated Legislature in 2022.

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Count the Hypocrisies: It Smells like Vote Fraud, the Real Kind, in North Carolina

Forget President Trump’s breathless, baseless voter fraud conspiracies, and turn to North Carolina for a dose of a truly scary violation of the electoral process.

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District 4 Runoff Candidates Meet in a Debate as Early Voting Gets Underway

The race ultimately could come down to whether voters trust an experienced hand in the process or are looking for a change. The two remaining candidates in the District 4 race represent both ends of the spectrum.

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Coalition Wants End to Broadcasting Music That Encourages Violence Against Blacks

While recognizing sexual misconduct as deviant behavior is at the forefront of mass media, sexual misconduct and violence against Black women is being promoted and normalized on radio stations…

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Senator Kamala Harris on Farr Nomination: We Must Do Better

“…And yet, instead of Congress acting to strengthen access to the ballot, the Senate is considering Thomas Farr for a lifetime appointment to the District Court of the Eastern District of North Carolina.”

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