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Livingston Alumni President Supports “A Call to Colors” GDN Exclusive Part XII

The really strong push under this administration to suppress voter registration, and particularly at HBCU schools in North Carolina are getting ready to put this voter ID referendum on the ballot…

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Not Just a Place to Live: From Homelessness to Citizenship

After an honorable discharge, he bounced from one job to another, drank too much, became estranged from his family and finally ended up homeless. A New Haven mental health outreach team found him one morning sleeping under the bridge.

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Trumps New Friend Is Boosting His Confidence – That Might Not Be a Good Thing

I’ve found when studying the personal side of foreign policy, Trump may believe that he now has special insight into Kim. And that means the dynamics of U.S. policymaking toward North Korea have changed. Having met Kim, the president will be even less likely to listen to experts…

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California’s Jungle Primary Sets up Polarized Governor’s Race for November

They sent Democratic Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom as the heavy favorite into a November contest against Republican businessman John Cox. With the liberal Newsom positioning himself as a Bay Area Bernie Sanders

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Can Florida Democrats Count on the So-Called ‘Black Vote’ in 2018?

Florida’s midterm Senate election is a race to watch this November – and not just because it will be a tight match pitting a sitting governor, Republican Rick Scott, against a sitting senator, Democrat Bill Nelson.

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Livingstone College’s Dr. Jenkins Supports “A Call to Colors” Part XI

He has been president of Livingstone College since 2007, the twelfth in its distinguished history. Located in the City of Salisbury, the private historically-black college prides itself on offering the best academic instruction to its 1,150 enrolled students.

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Civil Rights Leaders to Hold Event to Urge Opposition to Trump Nominee Farr

Farr, Trump’s controversial pick to be the next federal judge in the Eastern District of North Carolina, has come under fire for his decades-long record of methodically working to weaken civil rights protections, erode anti-discrimination protections…

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Health, Diversity and Inclusion Leader Sheila Thorne Receives IBPOEW’s Civil Liberties 2018 Community Service Award

Her deep understanding of the challenges and roots of injustice and the connections between individual health outcomes and social determinants has led to collaborative partnerships…

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Overdue Vote on ERA, Momentum Surges for One of These 13 States to Ratify Amendment

Following Illinois’s ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, women’s rights advocates turned their attention to the 13 states that have yet to pass the amendment…

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