Welcoming “The Spotlight” A True Perspective from the African American Community

Welcoming “The Spotlight” A True Perspective from the African American Community

by September 30, 2016

Greater Diversity News Print Edition August 11, 2016

Weldon, N.C. – The Roanoke Valley is comprised of Halifax and Northampton Counties. The bordering eastern counties are Hertford, Bertie and Chowan.   The Roanoke Valley is rich in history with Underground Rail Road designations, Canal Trail, Rockfish Capital, Rosenwald Schools and the Tillery Resettlement Community just to name a few.

In the two counties of Halifax and Northampton there is a total population of roughly 75,000 residents according to the 2015 Census. Of that approximate 75,000 people, 47,000 are of African American descent.  Needless to say there is a true need for a print media outlet in our community to carry a true depiction of the African American perspective.

Church, business, political and community leaders are playing an instrumental role in bringing a Black newspaper to a five county area in northeastern, North Carolina.  Greater Diversity News (GDN) and The Bertie, Gates, Halifax, Hertford and Northampton Spotlight (The Spotlight), monthly publications, have come to northeastern, NC.

In the Roanoke Valley there are numerous churches that have a historical legacy that dates over 150 years.  Many of those churches were started by Ananias Buck and other community leaders.  This print medium will also serve as a resource for our community organizations, school systems, and civic organizations.  We are looking forward to working with area churches to disseminate this newspaper that will spotlight our local events.

After asking local Weldon Library Director, Latarshia Thomas Debro her thoughts on the need for an African American print media perspective? she replied “There is definitely a need for an African American newspaper in our community. Our residents are in need of a medium that supports our efforts and views.”

Congratulations to the Roanoke Valley and neighboring Communities on supporting this important new venture in our community.  If you are interested in becoming a part of this exciting initiative feel free to reach out to us. • spotlight-bertie

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