We Will Use False Measuring Cups and Fix Our Scales for Cheating!

We Will Use False Measuring Cups and Fix Our Scales for Cheating!

by October 14, 2016

On Sunday September 21, 2016, the Old Testament reading in my church was from the minor Prophet Amos. The corrupt vendors were preparing for a great day of sales that could enhance or ruin their future. Their master plan was to overcharge, use false measuring cups, sell worthless wheat at high prices and fix their scales to cheat the customers.

As with all scriptures, I search for how it could compare to something happening today. It was right in front of me, the important elections this November the 8th.

Just change the vendors to some of the politicians running for reelection and election. They lie about their accomplishments and what they will do if elected in their ads, campaign speeches, radio, TV spots and literature. For some, their high religious, civic and intelligence characteristics they claim only measure up to an ignorant snake oil selling con man.

I looked at my sample ballot and found six (6) that have already fixed their scales for cheating.

The New Hanover County Board of Education with their policy of neighborhood / segregated schools and failure to hire Black teachers and principals. They have the same slogan as Fox News “Fair and Balance”.

Michael Lee, N. C. State Senate, said the average teachers’ pay in North Carolina is $50,000. That is a 100% lie. Any man that lies about teachers, one of our most important asset, is not fit to be a State Senator.

David Rouzer, US House of Representatives, voted for every bill to lower tax on the rich and add taxes to the working poor. He went on a one-week trip/junket to Israel which was a total waste of taxpayers’ money. David the tough talking sunshine patriot endorsed his fellow draft dodger Donald Trump for president.

Richard Burr,U.S. Senator, is an empty suit and invisiable man. Most people from North Carolina could not pick his picture out of a line-up. A cat burglar is low key and does not want anyone to know what he looks like, not a U.S. Senator. Foot solder Richard Burr votes as he is directed by the GOP leaders and his financial supporters N.C. little millionaire Art Pope and the billionaire Koch brothers. He is supporting his fellow draft dodger Donald Trump in his quest to become our Commander in Chief.

Pat McCrory, North Carline Governor, has now taken the infamous title as worst governor in the history of the Unites States from the late George Wallace. I will not waste any more ink on him.

Donald Trump, GOP nominee for president, claims to be a man for all seasons. His father gave him ten (10) million dollars and all the connections to the construction business in New York. In spite of that he went bankrupt five or more times. He claims to be a “born again Christian” and quoted his favorite scripture from “Two Corinthian”. He changed his three wives like some people change their cars, every eight to ten years. His opponent is a pontifex (bridge builder) but he plans to build a wall. He is now trying to convince some of the (as he calls them) “The Blacks” to vote for him. He is a con man running the biggest con in history.

If you have not registered, pleae do and vote or these six “Little Caesar’s” will severely damage North Carolina and the United States.

Did you find any cheaters/parasites on you sample ballot???

Amos: 8 – 4 and 7 (Paraphrased) Listen to this, you that trample on the needy and try to destroy the poor of the country. The Lord, the GOD of Israel, had sworn, “I will never forget their evil deeds. 

James J. Hankins graduated from “all Black” Williston Senior High School, served three years in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany, A&T State University alumna, retired vocational education teacher, past president of the New Hanover County NAACP, seven-year construction manager at Youth Build Wilmington, charter member of friends of Abraham Galloway and author of the book “What We Blacks Need to Do”.  HYPERLINK “http://www.jhankinsrealty.com/” www.jhankinsrealty.com is the way to contact him.

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