African American Novelist Writes A Book About Gun Violence in America

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Carla P. J. Livingston Reveals the reality of angels forewarning Americans about guns Dallas, TX — Carla P. J. Livingston got so frustrated with gun violence in our country; she wrote a novel about angels visiting America in the midst of various tragedies. The San Francisco native who is an inspiring Christian author is a realist who shares horrific experiences that destroys families in America through gun violence. After several tragic stories actually hit national news, Livingston put her previous completed manuscript aside to write, and then published Angels against Gun Violence in America.

"After the death of Trayvon Martin, then Haydia Pendleton, I just got so frustrated, so I created a fiction story about angels visiting America in the midst of imaginable tragedies." said Carla P. J. Livingston. "It's bad enough you have to face evil from people on the job or on the school campus while we hear about these tragic stories in the news. It's as though some people do not care, they refuse to have love, peace and unity. It seems like nobody takes heed to the lives gone, after senseless confrontations ending in gun violence. We hear about it in the news, and then people seem to quickly forget as though it's not important. Therefore, I imagined angels taking my pain away by visiting me in this story through interesting characters and discouraging them from using guns to solve their problems."

In the future, Carla P. J. Livingston plans to tour around the country to speak to schools, churches and at various political events about gun violence and what we can do to stop it.

Angels Against Gun Violence in America is an interesting Christian suspense novel about various people across America who had visitations with angels who were forewarned about possession of guns. This page turner points out the reality of angels and some of them were once actual human beings who once lived in America. They turned into angels and came back to earth whenever there was a tragedy about to occur. The novel is about certain tragedies that affect black families and how it destroys unity and love in relationships. It depicts that there is certainly an afterlife and that if these souls ignored the voice of angels, they would reap the consequences, eternally. Certain fiction characters turned to guns to solve their problems and angels were there to stop them. The main characters are two senators, on white and one black are in love with the same woman, but their conflict could cause a tragedy. They are in debate over gun possession while fighting to govern the state of Texas. Although, it is a Christian suspense novel, it deals with the reality within our society.

Carla P. J. Livingston is a native of San Francisco, California. She is a dog lover and has a deep concern for strayed animals. She loves to create fiction stories in her spare time. She also is in the process of forming her outreach ministry to care about the homeless and those who have been and are still prison inmates. For more details about Livingston's novel, Angels Against Gun Violence in America, visit •

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