Book Motivates Parents To Raise Chances of Academic Success

by April 22, 2013

For several years, Vivian Owens wrote a newspaper column or magazine articles that underscored the idea of parents working at home with their children to improve learning performance. Her articles appeared in the NNPA newspapers and in Upscale Magazine. The book she penned in 1988, PARENTING FOR EDUCATION, was selected as a Resource in Education by the U.S. Department of Education.

Less than a year ago, Vivian Owens said goodbye to her last students and the accompanying equations and lab experiments, as she retired from classroom teaching. Her next goal was clear. She had to complete the revision of her first book, PARENTING FOR EDUCATION. In May, Eschar Publications, LLC, will publish the revised edition.

PARENTING FOR EDUCATION: Revised Edition looks at parental roles in educating children from the home, so that children are better prepared for more formal settings, such as the public or private school sector. Many topics give emphasis to how, why, and what parents can do to help their children with learning processes, developing individuals who become life-long learners.

Besides encouraging parents on behalf of their children, Mrs. Owens also advocates African American children’s literature. Her book, NADANDA THE WORDMAKER, won a Best Children’s Book Award the year it was published. Whether mystery or history, books by Owens wind you through paths of Aha! Moments.

In her new book, PARENTING FOR EDUCATION: Revised Edition, Vivian Owens hopes parents will try strategies suggested in the book and do everything in their power to grant their children thousands of Aha! Moments in thinking and learning.

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