Business Profile: 10-Year Old Fashion Designer Launches Her One-of-a-Kind Children Fashions at Her Photo Shoot Launch Party

by January 14, 2013

New Jersey — Essynce Couture, LLC announces the Photo Shoot Launch Party where children will take photos in some of Essynce Couture’s Designs and learn about entrepreneurship, the exclusive purveyor of the unique fashions of Essynce Moore. ( Essynce Moore has been seen on Uncle Majic the Hip Hop Magician’s Commercial, Bored to Death on HBO, and she has been in numerous Fashion Shows and Pageants. This 10 year old entrepreneur, fashionista, “local” celebrity, actress, and motivational speaker phenomenon is branding herself onto the fashion and TV scenes. Since then, Essynce Moore has become a trendsetter in her school, amongst her peers, and capturing the attention of children everywhere.

Essynce Moore, who has been designing clothes since 6 years old as a hobby at first is now focusing on fashion as a business, and her inventions will include clothes for children, a body product line for children and maybe accessories in the near future. She has been buzzing on her social websites via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Essynce Couture, LLC finds education very important; therefore they will allow children to upload their certificates, report cards, and other rewards to one of the social sites. In return and as kudos some children will receive an Essynce Couture incentive for their good hard work.

Essynce Couture clothing collection has carved out a niche in the fashion industry because the line is designed by a child, for children, with ONLY children in mind. The clothing is recognized for its unique styles that are colorful, fun, and made exclusively for children. .

The piece irresistible of the collection is Essynce Couture’s signature business wear for children and her geekly chicly line. This gives children the opportunity to present themselves in a professional manner at meetings, speaking engagements, and events.

Each piece in Essynce Couture’s collection is crafted by hand, often with sketches or embroidery. Despite these meticulous details, the fashions sell at lower prices than those of competitors.

Founded in 2012, Essynce Couture, LLC will be having a Photo Shoot Launch Party where children will take pictures in some of the new designs and learn about entrepreneurship. Website coming soon and sponsors/investors are welcomed. •

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