North Carolina Has a Chance to Make History in This Election

by May 22, 2020

North Carolina has a chance to make history in this election. NEVER in the history of NC elections has 5 African Americans been elected in the same election. This year all five candidates have a viable chance to be elected IF the voters simply VOTE! Read up on each candidate as we all are worthy of your Vote and let’s make history in NC. Please share on social media forums Amd with your networks, NAACP, faith networks, friends and families.


Lora C. Cubbage

I have had the honor and privilege to serve you as Assistant District Attorney, Assistant Attorney General, District Court Judge, currently Superior Court Judge in District 18A (Guilford County) and now I have the excellent opportunity to humbly ask for your vote for a seat on the NC Court of Appeals in 2020. I genuinely believe that I am the right choice at the right time. I genuinely believe that we are in a time in our history in NC that we need to ensure we can preserve NC’s rich and diverse culture by ensuring that the landscape of our branches of government reflects the diversity of our 100 counties. I genuinely believe that we are in a time where there is a struggle between how to continue the rich traditions that make NC one of the greatest States in the US with how to continue to progress to a state where all of its’ citizens feel represented and heard. We must open the doors of opportunity to all North Carolinian’s who are qualified and ready to serve in all branches of government. We live in a time where it is paramount that our government reflects the citizens that make up the fabric of our State. Our judiciary at all levels remains the branch of government where we have the potential to change the life of every citizen in this State with our rulings. The courts are so critical because we are the last line of defense when a dispute arises.

I am Lora C. Cubbage, and I bring Integrity, Fairness, Competence, and Respect to the bench, and your vote will ensure that those same qualities remain on the Court of Appeals. I stand on my Oath in that I will protect and defend both the NC and US Constitution. We must continue to diversify our State and work together across isles to make an NC that all of her citizens can be proud to call home. I will continue to fight for the rights of every citizen in our State and fight to continue to move NC forward. I am the right choice at the right time!

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