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NC NAACP – A New Year’s Toast To Our Friends of The Movement
Dear Friends, Our coalition has experienced a lot of key victories this year. We could not have achieved any of these without you. We’re looking forward to the victories in 2018! Check out the Video of our work. Forward Together, Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman, President

Voting Rights Alert

Who represents us in Congress and how judges are elected each depend upon districts. There are TWO redistricting efforts going on right now – JUDICIAL redistricting (House Bill 717), and CONGRESSIONAL redistricting, which is awaiting the decision of a three-judge panel. HB 717 redraws judicial districts which decreases the number of judges in urban areas. The result — fewer judges of color and fewer women judges.
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How Will NC Election Maps Shape the Future of Black Voters?
Federal judges ruled that 28 of North Carolina’s 170 districts used to elect legislators were unconstitutional racial gerrymanders that weakened the statewide influence of black voters.
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Defeating HB 717 Is the One to Focus on in Early 2018
Reduces number of judges in largely black counties and increases the number of judicial seats in mainly white counties regardless of size. How are these proposed Judicial maps Racist?
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Zinn Education Project – Civics and Social Justice Requires Critical Thinking
Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change, has offered teachers the resources to “teach outside the textbook ” and equip young people with critical thinking skills.
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North Carolina NAACP 2018 Winter Session – Equipping the Resistors
At the annual Humanitarian Award Banquet, an award is presented to a person whose life work exemplifies the type of dedication to freedom, justice and equality that NAACP represents.
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Supreme Court Could Indirectly Empower Police to Silence Free Speech
The Supreme Court will consider the case of a Florida man, Fane Lozman. He argues that his arrest for disorderly conduct at a Riviera Beach city council meeting was made in retaliation…
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Kill the Bill: Redraws Judicial Districts, Resulting in Fewer Judges in Urban Areas
This bill redraws judicial districts, but watchdog groups are concerned about the ability for the courts to process cases, the election of more extreme judges, and erosion of the public trust.
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