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GDN Profile: Winfall, NC Mayor Fred Yates Says Future Looks Bright
Mayor Yates, the first African-American to serve as Mayor of Winfall, is a retiree of the US Marine Corps. He hails from West Virginia, having attended West Virginia State College before coming to North Carolina.

During his long tenure as Mayor of a town listed as having a current population of just over 600 per the latest US Census figures, Winfall has seen the construction of a new Town Hall building in 2003, a new building for the town volunteer fire department (along with new fire trucks); Winfall Landing Park was established on the Perquimans River ; eighteen homes were renovated under a block grant from the Department of commerce; and a $6.4 million sewer system was installed throughout the entire town.

Sixty-one percent of Winfall’s population is white and 38 percent is African-American. The median age for the town is 42, and the median household income is $27,386.

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Progress! Courts Rule North Carolina Congressional Map Unconstitutional
Today’s ruling is a victory for North Carolina voters and our democracy. In North Carolina and across the country, Republicans have gerrymandered congressional maps to rig the system …
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Lawmakers Still Scheming to Seize Control of NC’s Independent Courts
The politicians in Raleigh have already tried to rig the system ... This fight for fair courts has taken a huge collective effort of thousands of people across the state and we can’t back down now.
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Five Actions That Will Help Strengthen Our Democracy in 2018
We’re one week into the New Year, which means you’ve probably decided on your resolutions. But have you considered your impact on social justice this year? We encourage you to be engaged ...
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Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” Report Card Honors 50th Anniversary
“We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism.”
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AFJ Applauds Appointments of Sens. Booker, Harris to Judiciary Committee
These two Senators are champions for fair courts and access to justice for all, and will bring experience, intellect and discernment, as well as diversity …
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Black Women Need Real Change, Not Just Thanks
One of the hashtags that took off amid the Alabama election returns and the following days was #TrustBlackWomen. But what does it mean to trust Black women? What does it mean to advance a policy agenda
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