Voter Engagement Project - December 27, 2017
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What Happened? Effort to Suppress Black Vote Did Not Prevent Huge Turnout

Alabama has a long record of suppressing the African-American vote. In the Jim Crow era, state authorities made it impossible for many Blacks to vote by requiring a literacy test. Courts long ago deemed literacy tests discriminatory and illegal, but today we still see barriers in Alabama that make it harder for people of color to cast a ballot.

There is no question that those efforts work. The ACLU of Alabama set up a hotline to report difficulties in voting on Election Day, and received complaints all day. But those efforts were not enough. According to exit polling, 30 percent of those who voted in Tuesday’s race were African American, and 96 percent of them voted for Jones.

Black political engagement is a strong component of economic opportunity. However, that union is clearly not where it ought to be. Consequently, GDN is publishing developments, events, jobs and articles that show you how to achieve a political and economic union in your community. Share GDN. 

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Defeated Roy Moore Pushing the Voter Fraud Myth to Undermine Voting Integrity
While it is obvious that Moore is grasping at straws, he is simply toeing the line from other politicians who similarly repeat the false claim that voter fraud continues to swing elections.
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Voter ID Laws Struck Down in 2017: A Good Day for Civil Rights in the Courts
2017 Victories: Federal courts in three different states promoted justice and fair treatment. Judges constitutionally-protected rights of minorities, striking down voter ID laws.
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You Can’t Tell a Gerrymandered District by Its Shape
Study finds fair districts can look strange... The U.S. Supreme Court deliberates over whether a mathematical formula dubbed the “Efficiency Gap” should be used to detect unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering.
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Black Women and Girls Deserve More Respect, Visibility in the #MeToo Movement
This has been a monumental year for the reaffirmation of women’s rights in the workplace and the ballot booth. This is long overdue. The battle for the rights of women …
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“The Post” Movie and Freedom of the Press – Explains the Pentagon Papers
The decision to publish the illegally obtained documents raised a host of constitutional concerns, balancing freedom of expression against governmental claims of national security.
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Multiracial Identity and Community Development: Illuminating Influential Factors
Race is a man-made social construct, conceptualized during the 1700s to subdivide the human species “scientifically” based on geographic region ...
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