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GDN eNews - Feb. 14, 2018
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Here’s What Happened When Black Politicians Held Power

Study shows how they aided southern blacks during Reconstruction

New research provides the strongest evidence to date that the race of a political officeholder can have a significant effect on policy – at least historically. The study showed that during the Reconstruction period after the U.S. Civil War, southern counties with black officeholders had a lower literacy gap between blacks and whites and had more blacks earning money as tenant farmers.


Results showed that black officeholders raised county revenues more than did white officeholders, which resulted in better education for blacks and more opportunities for them to earn income.”

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AAC-NCDP General Body Meeting - February 24
Saturday, February 24, 2018 2 :00 - 4:00 pm Mecklenburg County Democratic Party 5500 Executive Center Drive #210, Charlotte, NC 28212 Come meet the executive board Learn more about the organization. Learn what we have planned for the 2018 Election: Read More
Black History Events
New Hanover County Schools plans to celebrate with a variety of events that are educational, inspirational and fun. Read More

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Raising Questions About Citizen Input in Government Contracts
There’s been a lot written on how citizens shape public programs, but less is known about services contracted out to an outside entity.
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How Much Did African-American Figures Shape Lincoln’s Views?
It broke new ground by arguing that African-Americans were not simply passive recipients of Lincoln’s benevolence, but shaped his attitudes …
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Igniting Power in Democracy Crisis – Do You Have What it Takes?
Democracy is the only approach to governance that can bring forth the best in us while keeping the worst in check.
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Republican Ideology – Forget Trump… His Party Is the Problem Now
Republican ideology – Trump is not a deviation; he is their fullest flowering. He is not the party’s nightmare. He is its id, the manifestation of its darkest impulses. …
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Tracking Tool Shows Fines for Corporate Misconduct Have Plummeted Under Trump
America’s largest corporations profited immensely from President Trump’s actions, from his deregulatory bonanza to his $1.5 trillion tax cut.
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Representative Government – To Be an American Citizen, You Can’t Be Too Dogmatic
What it means to be an American citizen in a representative government: you can’t be too dogmatic, and we need to accept differences …
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