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GDN eNews - Feb. 26, 2018
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In the Face of Ruthless, Dishonest Attacks, Working People Are Drawing the Line

Tens of thousands took to the streets in at least 30 cities this weekend to demand an end to a rigged economy. Today, there are more than 500 worksite actions. Working people are speaking out with pride and passion, even as billionaires and corporate interests tried to use the United States Supreme Court today to attack public service workers, good union jobs and the health and safety of communities across America.


“If the Supreme Court’s decision is based on merit, on facts and on the law, there’s no doubt they will rule in favor of working people. In the face of ruthless, dishonest attacks against their freedom to come together in strong unions, working people are drawing the line. We stand united in fighting a rigged system that rewards the super-wealthy at everyone else’s expense. And we will not rest until we build an economy where everyone has a voice on the job, a seat at the table and a chance to succeed.”

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Black History Events
New Hanover County Schools plans to celebrate with a variety of events that are educational, inspirational and fun. Read More

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Run&Shoot Filmworks, Announces Partnership With American Film Institute’s Silver Theatre and Cultural Center
Silver Spring, MD — Run&Shoot Filmworks, founders and producers of the Martha’s Vineyard African American Festival (MVAAFF), a Black-owned and operated
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Strongly Identifying With Your Race Can Have a Negative Impact on Minority Mental Health
The more a person views the world through the eyes of his race or sexual orientation, the more he expects suffering from discrimination which could lead to indirect minority mental health effects.
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Prisoners in NYC to Get Free Copies of “The New Jim Crow” Book, Legal Aid
risoners in New York City will be receiving free copies of the book The New Jim Crow. The controversial book about criminal justice and the mass incarceration of African-Americans will be distributed as part of Legal Aid Society’s advocacy campaign.
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Meet the First Black Driver to Race in the Daytona 500 in Nearly 50 Years
Daytona Beach, FL — Last Sunday, Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. hit the tracks in Daytona as the ‘first black driver’ since 1969. But that is just one of the many records he set in history that day.
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Assault and Incarceration of an Innocent Black Man at the Hands of the NYPD and U.S. Marshals
Oswald’s assault and incarceration stand as a typical example of corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement in the US, particularly targeting people of color.
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Ruby Ridge – 25 Years Since the Siege That Fired up the Radical Right
The standoff at Ruby Ridge claimed the lives of a federal agent, a 14-year-old boy, and a mother with a baby in her arms, though the man at the centre of the siege, Randy Weaver, never fired a shot in retaliation.
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