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GDN eNews - March 14, 2018
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Silence of Modern Black Republicans – Aiding and Abetting Voter Suppression
By Peter Grear - There is a deafening silence in the ranks of modern black Republicans who stand mute as their party of choice relentlessly attacks the civil right that is most responsible for the rights and privileges of democracy, the right to vote. There is a group of them that gather with the President, Sean Hannity and other Republican right wingers to denounce so-called liberal democrats as representing everything that is bad for blacks in America and accusing them of race exploitation. I watch them in amazement as they claimed to defend the constitution and said that Obama ignored it. They are very unbalanced in their zeal to demean black Democrats as they ignore the constitutional guarantee of “one man and one vote” and the massive voter suppression efforts of their Republican party.

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Update: North Carolina State Conference of NAACP Branches v. Lewis

Case Background

A number of civil rights organizations in North Carolina and Wake County residents filed a challenge to four state house districts in Wake County drawn in the 2017 remedial redistricting plan as a result of North Carolina v. Covington, arguing that the newly drawn districts violate the state constitution’s prohibition against mid-decade redistricting. The plaintiffs claim that lawmakers went beyond what the federal court directed and altered districts that did not need to be redrawn to remedy the racial gerrymanders.


The plaintiffs filed a preliminary injunction to enjoin the defendants from conducting election in the four state house districts and have asked that the districts are returned to their 2011 boundaries for the 2018 elections. 


A hearing on the motion for preliminary injunction is scheduled for April 6.

Wake County Superior Court

Complaint (February 21, 2018)
Motion for Preliminary Injunction
 (February 21, 2018)
Scheduling Order
 (March 7, 2018)


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Another Victory for Democrats in Trump Land: Lamb Prevails in Pennsylvania
The primary takeaway for Democrats, they argued, should be that it was Lamb’s fervent support for unions and the safety net—and not his centrist positions on other issues—that ultimately put him over the top.
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Voter Purges: Risks in 2018 of Removing Voters From Registration Lists
Activist groups and some state officials have mounted alarming campaigns to purge voters. If successful, these efforts could lead to a massive number of eligible, registered voters losing their right to cast a ballot this fall. Download the report ...
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Tillerson Out and Pompeo In: ‘From Exxon’s CEO to the Koch Brothers’ Most Loyal Lapdog’
We’ve gone from Exxon’s CEO to the Koch Brothers’ most loyal lapdog ... Pompeo received over a million oil and gas dollars during his political career, has deep ties to the Kochs, and is a climate denier ...
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New EPI Study Shows No Black Progress in 50 Years
Late last year, “The Washington Post” wrote that African Americans were the only group that showed no economic improvement since 2000. They based their conclusions on Census data. This year, there was even more sobering news …
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NAACP Joins Civil Rights Groups Urging Attorney General Sessions to Include Civil Rights in DOJ’s Priorities
The NAACP, along with other prominent African-American civil rights organizations, has sent a joint letter strongly advising U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions …
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Our Congress Is in Deep Trouble – But Does It Care?
We’re at a watershed moment in American political history. Our Congress — I’m talking about the people’s body, the institution created by our founders, and not just the men and women who currently inhabit it ... And no one seems to be offering hope.
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