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GDN eNews - May 2, 2018
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NNPA Focuses on Registering 5 Million New, Black Voters Before Midterm Elections

African Americans make up roughly 13 percent of the overall population in the U.S., and have a buying power so strong that it can’t be overlooked. While having a strong and consistent buying power in itself is a powerful asset for any group to have, turning that asset into a long-term money maker and wealth generation tool is the only thing that will strengthen the overall position and status of African Americans in this country, especially in the area of politics.

With this November election right around the corner, it is a prime opportunity for Black people to realize their true collective power by joining in with one another to create one of the most important movements of this era. It is time for Black people to “Takeover The Polls” in every local, county, state and federal election in this country.

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Join the Raise the Wage in NC – May 22, Raleigh, NC
State-wide coalition called Raising Wages NC, a broad, diverse group of working people who all believe that all workers in NC deserve a living wage.
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GAO Report on Federal Ad Spending in Black Newspapers Coming in July
“Come November, we’re going to have the largest Black voter turnout in American history. This is a payback year,” Chavis said. “The most important election of our lifetime will be the 2018 midterm elections.”
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Sanders, Dem Senators Call for Federal Probe After Mulvaney Boasts ‘Pay-to-Play’ Tactics
Our ‘We the People’ republic depends on public officials serving the public, not using their public trust to consolidate power or enrich themselves or their associates.
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Nation’s Top Teachers Denounce Devos During Closed-Door Session
Striking teachers have shared stories of classrooms stocked with outdated textbooks and schools that are forced to ration copy paper due to funding shortages. Arizona’s teachers have Oklahoma, Kentucky, West Virginia...
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NNPA ESSA Educator Spotlight: Dr. Tiffany G. Tyler and CIS Helps Students Succeed
“Having the benefit of people, over the course of my return to school, who not only encouraged me to continue my education, but helped in many ways, I now have the opportunity to pay it forward every day…”
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Group Warns D.C. Death with Dignity Act Opponents Not to Try to Repeal Law Again
Compassion & Choices praised Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton for her vow today to prevent congressional opponents of D.C.’s Death with Dignity Act from repealing the law this year, as she did last year.
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Howard University Graduate Chadwick Boseman to Speak at the School’s 150th Commencement
Howard University community welcomes back home one of its native sons, Chadwick Boseman, to deliver the 2018 commencement. He has played some of the most iconic African Americans…
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