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GDN eNews - July 23, 2018
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Autocrats and Authoritarianism: New Research Explores Why People Elect Leaders Who Restrict Freedom
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Research conducted in part by a University of Alabama professor seeks to answer the question, “Why do free people willingly choose autocratic leaders who will restrict their liberty?” The research also looks to provide a clearer definition of the abilities, values and personality traits that describe those leaders. Contrary to what one may assume, the research suggests that deterring authoritarian tendencies from the outset may not be the best policy.

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A Significant Positive Step for Democratic Party, Barbara Lee Announces Bid for House Caucus Chair
Although she is aware of the potential milestone, Lee emphasized her ability to unite Democrats across demographics. “Poverty affects everyone: rural, urban, people of color, and white working class,” she said.
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Money, Politics and Justice Anthony Kennedy: Revisiting Citizens United
Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission is one of retiring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s most maligned rulings. Many condemn the opinion for treating corporations as people, money as speech, and elections as commodities
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As Progressive Agenda Grows ‘Big Money Interests’ and Corporate Democrats ‘Should Be Scared’

“There is a reason why the corporate Democrats are getting nervous,” the Vermont senator concluded, “and that’s because we are making real progress in transforming the party and the nation.”

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This Is Why Migrant Parents Travel with Children
There has been a strange response by many White conservatives to the separation of migrant children. Bill Fletcher, Jr., says that blaming migrant parents for the current crisis is another display of the ignorance and a racial blind spot for much of America.
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New Study Finds Police-Related Fatalities May Occur Twice as Often as Reported
“The new data that we’re using is capturing a lot more cases than what the official data is showing us, but there is still an undercount,” he said. “Everything that we’ve put forward within our research, we still think of that as being conservative.”
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San Francisco Police Called on Man for Doing Business While Black

He had to show the police his store key and ID just to prove that it was actually his business. He also told the police that he was talking with the security agency on the phone that time. The following days, Gourmonade would sell out of stock.

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