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GDN eNews - March 7, 2018
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Leaders Endorse Civic Engagement Action Plan: A Call To Colors – Part I
With the crucial 2018 mid-term elections looming large, with the 2020 presidential and gubernatorial contests not long after, leaders in North Carolina are joining together to implement a non-partisan civic engagement action plan, “A Call to Colors,” to promote 100% voter registration and participation on the state’s HBCU campuses.


Led by the North Carolina Black Leadership Caucus (NCBLC), the call is for the North Carolina NAACP, the Pan-Hellenic Councils, the Prince Hall Masons and the Eastern Stars, to spearhead the drive to get sororities, fraternities and other student organizations fully involved and mobilized for civic engagement.

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Gun Safety Is About Freedom, NAACP Is Committed to Fighting for Gun Control
The disproportionate impact on communities of color does make gun control a civil rights issue, but gun violence is a national issue and should be a matter of national concern. It is also a matter of freedom.
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Teacher Protest – Rising Up as West Virginia Strike Hits Eighth Day
Currently, the governor of the state is proposing an increased tax on natural gas to pay for that. However, the Republicans in the state Legislature and their allies in the fossil fuel industry are dead set against it …
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Gary Cohn Calls It Quits After Massive Tax Cuts for Wealthy Friends and Corporate Raiders
Cohn, a registered Democrat, the final straw in leaving was not Trump’s horrifying response to the Charlottesville white supremacist uber-hate fest or endless attacks on Mexicans and Muslims …
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What Dreams May Come – A Small Glad Moment Away From the Madness
She went on to explain her pride in helping make history: “I’m also thinking about all of the young people, particularly girls and girls of color, who, in years ahead, will come to this place and they will look up and they will see an image of someone who looks like them hanging on the wall.”
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Clean Dream Act – With #HereToFight Declaration, Dreamers and Allies Mobilize Across Nation
Under the banner #HereToFight, rallies took place across the nation on Monday to ramp up pressure on lawmakers to enact a permanent solution to protect Dreamers and insulate immigrant communities from further attack.
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Racial Identity – “The Grass is The First to Go,” Takes on Violence, Politics, Morality and Race
‘Am I Black Enough?’ a play about the struggle in communities when people within the same group have their cultural and racial identity challenged by their own. ‘The Grass Is the First to Go’, speaks to the lack of stewardship and the failure to value life and opportunity ...
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