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GDN eNews - September 28, 2018
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How the Media Encourages – and Sustains – Political Warfare
The Washington Post has publicly fact-checked every claim that has been labeled as fake. In August, The Boston Globe coordinated editorials from newspapers across the nation to push back against attacks on the press. The Associated Press characterized this effort as the declaration of a “war of words”. News organizations might frame themselves as the besieged party in this “war.” But what if they’re as much to blame as the president in this back-and-forth? And what if readers are to blame as well?

In an unpublished manuscript titled “The War of Words,” the late rhetorical theorist and cultural critic Kenneth Burke cast the media as agents of political warfare. In 2012, we found this manuscript in Burke’s papers and, after working closely with Burke’s family and the University of California Press, it will be published in October 2018.



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Emmett Till, Violence, Voting Rights and Education Policy

In his remarks to the attendees of the NAACP’s convention in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr., NNPA President and CEO, remarked that much of what is happening in Washington, D.C. today, “is in reaction to our going to the polls and voting. Voter suppression is taking place because we are voting.

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Troy Simon – Reinventing America’s Schools Project With the Progressive Policy Institute

There was a gap where I could go to school and then go home and not hear anything about school. Maybe I was supposed to be the middle man to bridge the gap between my teachers, my parents, and my community but I didn’t understand...

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Waters Statement at Hearing on Republicans’ Failure to Act on Housing Finance Reform
As we consider housing finance reform and work to address the structure of our housing finance system, it is a priority for me to ensure that underserved borrowers and communities are not overlooked. This means that at the heart of any reform proposal, we need a comprehensive strategy…
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David vs Goliath/Survivor – Type “A” Personalities and Natural Competitors
“Is my constitution strong enough for me to effectively manage myself when I am hungry, being bitten by bugs, sleep deprived and don’t have any privacy for weeks on end with a bunch of strangers, some of which I may not like?”
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When a Father… Exemplify Self-Discipline and Leadership

We sons observe our fathers in awe at first, because of the size differential. But as the luster of the bluster wears off, sons see exactly what kind of man their fathers are by the way they treat and care for the women in their lives – their wives, their sons’ mothers, other relatives.

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Premiere Black Women’s Organization Spearheads International Change
Our mission is to convene hearings and conversations that evaluate the impact of current public policy and initiate new policies that address major threats to the well-being of Black women, their families and communities. We are a membership driven organization .
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