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GDN eNews - January 9, 2019
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Dr. E. Lavonia Allison – Steeped in the Struggle for Justice – GDN Exclusive, Vol. 2 Part II

Few civil rights veterans have the eternal fire in their bellies for justice and equality like Dr. E. Lavonia Allison. And few have her undeniable track record of fighting for the Black community for well over 50 years. Dr. Allison, believed to be in her 80’s (she won’t give her exact age), is best known for leading the Durham Committee of the Affairs of Black People (DCABP) for 14 years as its chair, vetting candidates for public office, and speaking out against policies that threatened to inhibit justice, and limit opportunities for her community.


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Click here to get the print edition
Opioid Prescriptions and Overdoses Reduced Significantly in One Year

One year after changing prescribing guidelines to reduce the prevalence of addictive opioids, community physicians and New Hanover Regional Medical Center have reported a reduction of opioid prescriptions…

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African American Chefs Break the Glass Ceiling in the Culinary World
Many African American chefs often get stuck in the kitchen as sous chefs or line chefs and routinely don’t receive an opportunity to become head chefs. African American chefs, on the whole, have encountered tougher obstacles…
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Minorities Poised to Take Advantage of Oil and Gas Boom
The industry is focused on its workforce of the future, creating more career opportunities for women, minorities and Millennials because it values diverse perspectives and contributions as key to driving continued innovation…
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Equity v. Equality – ESSA Gives Power Back to the States to Control Education Policy
Now, members of the community must hold their school leaders and elected officials accountable to implement system-wide and school-specific measures that ensure equity in our schools.
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The Black Freedom Movement: What About Cape Verdeans?

The struggle for national liberation for Guinea-Bissau and the Cape Verde coincided with the energized Black Freedom Movement in the USA. Both of these movements had a profound impact on the thinking…

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Executive Producer Dream Hampton Talks “Surviving R. Kelly”
For Dream Hampton, who served as executive producer of the much-talked about “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary, the explosive revelations in the film were just the tip of the iceberg ... it’s “so dark, sad and traumatic.”
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