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GDN eNews - October 22, 2018
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Generation Z Voters Could Make Waves in 2018 Midterm Elections

Unlike the much-studied millennials, we don’t know much about Generation Z, who now make up most of the 18- to 24-year-old voting bloc. These young people started first grade after 9/11, were born with the internet, grew up with smartphones and social media and practiced active-shooter drills in their classrooms. In 2018, they have taken an active role in political activism on issues like gun control, Black Lives Matter and #MeToo. For example, Parkland high school students started the movement against gun violence and named voting as a way to support the movement.


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Do Children All Need to Succeed the Same Way?

Unlike widgets, children will never fit perfectly into standardized molds. They learn to walk at different ages. They learn to talk at different ages. And each child has a different set of interests…

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Done to Us Not With Us: Calling for New Voices
Not only do we have to support parents as they navigate the college-going process, but we also have to highlight the larger educational crisis that exists within the African American community.
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Rihanna Says No to Super Bowl Halftime Invite – Social Media Explodes
Rihanna said she’s showing solidarity with Colin Kaepernick and NFL players who have been protesting racial disparities and police violence against blacks and other minorities by kneeling…
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New Book Revealing the Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurship
Curtis said: “I’m here to share the strategies to take action to create a thriving business that will provide lifestyle and financial independence.”
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Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Fails to Forgive

As of June 2018, more than 1.2 million student loan borrowers requested to be certified, with 890,000 ultimately certified eligible. 28,000 applied for loan forgiveness...

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Tips For Overcoming ‘Hidden Growth Killers’ That Harm Your Business

A key part of any CEO’s or entrepreneur’s role is to make the “right” decisions, and then ensure they are enacted to advance the business.

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