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GDN eNews - October 24, 2018
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Black Women Voters Seek to Shake up Midterms

Statistics reveal that Black women face disproportionate barriers to reproductive health care and are more likely to die after childbirth than their white or Latinx counterparts. Also, women of color are disproportionately impacted by bans on insurance coverage for abortion and at risk for criminalization should abortion be made illegal once again.


“Black women in America face significant barriers to health care, including abortion. We are also three times more likely to die after childbirth than white women,” said La’Tasha D. Mayes, founder and executive director of New Voices for Reproductive Justice, a nonprofit that promotes the complete health and well-being of Black women and girls.


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Election Fight Shows That Black Voter Suppression, a Southern Tradition, Still Flourishes

Courts have overturned such laws in some states, including Georgia, North Carolina and North Dakota, citing harmful effect on African-American and Native American voters.

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Brian Kemp: Conflict of Interest Is Not the Only Georgia Voting Issue
There is now another lawsuit, which will probably not be decided in time for the November election. What Kemp’s office refers to as “voter roll maintenance,” his opponents call “voter roll purges.
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Congresswoman Waters Statement on GOP Plan to Cut Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid
“…It is a testament to their moral depravity and endless greed that the Republicans and Donald Trump would once again attempt to break the social safety net to pay...
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Colorado Voters to Consider Banning Slavery
“…Slavery is still legal in the United States, so long as it is pursuant to a criminal conviction and if it is limited to uncompensated labor — and indeed that is precisely the system America maintains today…”
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Dr. William J. Barber II, McArthur Genius Grant Recipient

“So, when they told me that the announcement had come out, I was actually in custody from standing with low-wage workers and nurses and people working at McDonald’s. And that’s what I was doing.”

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School Grading Inaccurate and Inequitable to Black Children

“Grades determine so many decisions made about our children: whether they are promoted, qualify to play on the athletic field, graduate, receive scholarships, and get accepted to college.

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