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GDN eNews - December 17, 2018
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Federal Court’s ‘Disastrous’ Affordable Care Act Ruling Only Bolsters Case for Medicare for All

A federal judge’s ruling that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) violates the U.S. Constitution alarmed healthcare advocates Friday, but left most unconcerned that the judge would succeed in taking away health coverage from 20 million Americans—and only served to bolster the argument for a Medicare for All system that would provide every American with the kind of free healthcare that’s available in other developed countries. “This is an outrageous, disastrous decision that threatens the health care and lives of millions of people. It must be overturned. We must move forward to make health care a right for every American.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders


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FILM REVIEW: The Green Book

GREEN BOOK is based on a true story about classically-trained black jazz pianist, Don Shirley (played by Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali), and Tony Lip, a mob club bouncer who got his nickname based on his ability to talk his way out of almost any situation, played by Viggo Mortensen.

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Visionary Freedom Fighter Don Rojas Recounts a Life of Service
Don Rojas has made major contributions to the struggle for freedom in Black communities across the globe. As the first communications director for the NAACP, he used his resources to support social justice movements…
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Prada Rolls Out Sambo Style Figures and Black Twitter Rolls Over Prada
The viral social media backlash that followed prompted the company to pull all of the items worldwide as calls for a boycott slowly built during discussions on Twitter. Prada’s first statement in reaction to the criticism on Twitter didn’t help.
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IN MEMORIAM: Rep. Maxine Waters Statement on the Death of Nancy Wilson
I am heartbroken by the passing of my beloved friend, the legendary Nancy Wilson. Nancy was a ‘song stylist’ without peer. Her unmatched mastery of numerous genres of music, including jazz, R&B, gospel, blues, soul and pop, has etched her name in history…
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How Zip Codes Relate to Achievement Gaps and Future Lives of Students

There are several factors that contribute to success in adulthood. However, routinely we find that early childhood education and the empowerment of excellent teachers plays a pivotal role. Students from economically-disadvantaged areas have a plethora of obstacles…

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Will a New Consumer Bureau Director Heed the Agency’s Mission?

What happens over the next five years will test the mettle of those who fought to create an agency given the mission to protect consumer finances against profiteers who argue that baseline protections for consumers are an unnecessary burden to business.

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