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GDN eNews - December 28, 2020

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New Economics for a New Generation of Constructive Collective Action – GDN Exclusive

There is an issue of great significance to African Americans historically created and maintained by Corporate America from the beginning of the establishment of this country. The history is well-known and not debatable. That issue is Economic Inequality or Economic Injustice, notwithstanding the external political side of the problem. What resolution can Corporate America provide in partnership with Black Consumer America?


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Click here to get the print edition
The Morality of Feeling Equal Empathy for Strangers and Family Alike
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The Truth in Black and White: An Apology from The Kansas City Star
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Can Joe Biden ‘Heal’ the United States? Political Experts Disagree
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How to Outsmart Your COVID-19 Fears and Boost Your Mood in 2021
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Dr. Dominique Harrison Joins Joint Center as Director of Technology Policy
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Seven Research-Based Resolutions to Strengthen Your Relationships in the Year Ahead
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