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GDN eNews - February 25, 2019
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N.C. Court Cites Gerrymandering and Rules New Constitutional Amendments as Invalid

On Tuesday, voters statewide decided on six constitutional amendments. Here’s what passed, what failed and how it all will affect North Carolinians going forward. Nate Chute, IndyStar A Wake County court on Friday struck down two state constitutional amendments approved by voters in November, including one that mandated voters show ID at the polls, ruling that the General Assembly was “illegally constituted” because of gerrymandering.


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The 2019 Academy Awards: Black Filmmakers Win Big

The 2019 Academy Awards have come to an end and #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackBoyJoy were in full effect as some of our favorites walked away with statuettes, some after a 30-year uphill climb.

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Epidemic of Missing Black Girls Continues to Stump Authorities, Frustrate Parents
“One thing I think for sure about the missing teens is that human trafficking is a hotbed in my city [and around the country],” said Psychologist and Navy veteran Sheri Davis..
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Will Reparations Become Democrats’ Campaign Theme?
“America has an ugly history of racism,” Senator Elizabeth Warren said after addressing Democrats at an annual state dinner in New Hampshire, according to The Boston Globe.
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In Memoriam: Russell Bertrand Sugarmon Jr. – Civil Rights ‘Giant’
As a member of the Memphis Branch NAACP, Mr. Sugarmon was instrumental in using the law to fight legal battles to desegregate public transportation, schools and restaurants.
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CVS Officials Talk Project Health, Black Press at Rainbow Push Wall Street Conference

David Casey, the vice president of Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer at CVS Health, joined Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push 22nd Annual Wall Street Project Economic Summit…

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The Green New Deal — The Left’s Attempt to Co-Opt Trump’s Labor Populism
The Dems plan is what it has always been – the Robin Hood strategy. That is, they want to steal from the rich and give to the poor. That’s why the Green New Deal is based almost entirely on cost-shifting…
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