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GDN eNews - March 6, 2019
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Nearly Half of Americans Have Had a Family Member Jailed, Imprisoned

In a groundbreaking Cornell-led study illuminating the extensive scope of mass incarceration in the U.S., nearly 1 in 2 Americans have had a brother or sister, parent, spouse or child spend time in jail or prison – a far higher figure than previously estimated. The study is the first to accurately measure the share of Americans – 45 percent – who have ever had an immediate family member jailed or imprisoned for one night or more. The researchers had assumed they would find half that rate.


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Click here to get the print edition

Plans for Legacy of Blues Empress Bessie Smith Blossoming

The pioneering legacy of singer, songwriter,/ entertainer Bessie Smith, “The Empress,” is being gloriously prepped for long overdue turn in the spotlight.

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New Interactive Website Featuring Henry Louis Gates, Tracks Slave Voyages
The new slave voyages website counts as the product of three years of development by a multi-disciplinary team of historians, librarians, curriculum specialists…
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Newsrooms Still Lack Women and Individuals of Color
The media is in a state of great disruption, but despite all of the change, one thing remains the same: the role of women is significantly smaller than that of men in every part of news…
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‘Leaving Neverland’ is Michael Jackson’s Pandora’s Box
During the 1993 investigation into Michael’s alleged pedophilia, his sister Latoya created a firestorm by saying that she "would not be a silent collaborator in my brother’s crimes..."
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FILM REVIEW: Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral

Perry’s script relies on infidelity, rivalries, bawdy language, lust and the usual dollop of betrayal. In other circumstances, the turmoil would be funny and engaging. Not so much here…

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Silver Crown Beauty Pageant Showcases the Beauty of Women Over the Age of 50
Hallie’s Comet Productions, LLC has announced that their signature event, the Silver Crown Beauty Pageant, is leaping forward in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC.
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