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GDN eNews - April 19, 2019
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Alpha Advocacy in Action Alert: Voter Engagement Strategies, Message from Everett B. Ward, Ph.D.

The 2020 elections are fast approaching and pose a critical impact on the future of our communities. This is all about the Urgency of NOW and Alpha Advocacy In Action! Over the past few months, the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. has been deeply involved and engaged in voter registration, voter education and voter engagement activities under our national program, “A Voteless People Is A Hopeless People” as well as our “First of All, We Vote” initiative.


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Notre Dame’s History Is Nine Centuries of Change, Renovation and Renewal

While some parts of the cathedral might be irreplaceable, I believe many future generations continue to admire and learn…

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Leading State-Based Healthcare Marketplaces Have Performed Well
The report examines the impact that federal and state actions have had on state-based marketplaces and the federally…
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Neglect, Disrespect of Puerto Rico Continues
The Donald Trump administration’s response to the crisis reveals that Puerto Ricans are racialized as subordinate, despite their US citizenship…
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New Cholesterol Study: Pass the Eggs, or Pass on the Eggs?
Developing heart disease was a bummer for egg lovers. Should you stop eating eggs because of this new finding?
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Don’t Go Out That Door Spiritually Unarmed

Spiritual warfare as my bible says (for believers), is fought in the mind, in the emotions and in the will… we’re really struggling against “the devil’s schemes.”

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Oil and Natural Gas Industry is Ripe with High Paying Opportunities for Minorities
We expect that in this workforce of future, African Americans and Latinos will supply almost 40 percent…
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Housing Authority of the City of Wilmington
Housing Authority of the City of Wilmington
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