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GDN eNews - April 22, 2019
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SGAs/BSUs Nationwide Encouraged To adopt “Civic Engagement” Campaigns – GDN Exclusive Vol II, Part XII

Having verified great interest at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) across North Carolina, “A Call to Colors,” the Greater Diversity News’ (GDN) student civic engagement campaign promoting nonpartisan voter registration, education and mobilization, is set to spread nationwide in the coming year leading up to the crucial 2020 elections.


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Faith is Not Religion – Never Was, Never Has Been

Jesus died to save us from us. Hence, God’s grace gives us insight that in Christ, salvation is still ours if we only give all things up to the indisputable mercy of God…

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Black Millennial Political Convention Scheduled in Washington
“The Black Millennial Political Convention is the only place where Black millennial voices are a priority,” said Lea Webb, the convention’s co-chair…
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Automatic Voter Registration Laws Transform How We Register to Vote
In the past five years, 15 states have adopted automatic voter registration (AVR). These registration increases are found in big and small states…
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Lorraine Toussaint: Veteran Actress Talks ‘The Village’ and Brooklyn
You know, there’s a point in your career where you take whatever you can get. And then early on in my career, I realized, oh, I don’t want to do that.
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Black and White: Key Findings of American’s View on Race in 2019

According to a recent study, 84 percent of black respondents said people not seeing racial discrimination where it exists is a bigger problem…

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Does Color “Blindness” Render Me Invisible, Unimportant, or Not Worthy to Be Seen?
Our perceptions of the value of ourselves and others often determine our treatment of and reactions toward those we view as less than or not as valued.
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