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GDN eNews - May 20, 2020
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COVID-19 — My Personal Battle from a Positive to a Negative Result


The journey for me started with a very slight cough. On March 17th, I started experiencing internal digestive symptoms that I initially assumed was a result of me not eating anything that day. It was a Tuesday, which meant it was Press Day at the Houston Forward Times, where I serve as the Associate Editor. Now, it wasn’t uncommon for me to skip breakfast and skip lunch in order to remain laser focused on getting the newspaper done. However, when I started feeling faint, I decided to get something to eat.


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As Collective Memory Fades, so Will Our Ability to Prepare for the Next Pandemic
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Washing Your Hands Is Better Than Disposable Gloves for Preventing COVID-19 Spread
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Iconic Entertainer and Entrepreneur, Ice Cube, Speaks to the Black Press
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We Shouldn’t Try to Hold Biden Hostage on This One
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Black Fatherhood Advocate Pens Children’s Books That Help Parents Discuss Ahmaud Arbery Case
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Mother and Daughter Graduate Together From Medical School, Both Become Doctors
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