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GDN eNews - September 2, 2020

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Unemployed Struggling to Cover Basic Needs Has Doubled Since GOP Killed $600 Federal Boost


The survey found that “the share of unemployed workers unable to cover their basic expenses with their unemployment benefits rose to 50% in August, or an estimated 8.3 million Americans.” Comparatively, 27% of unemployment insurance (UI) recipients couldn’t cover the basics in July, while the weekly boost was still in effect.


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Click here to get the print edition
Black Americans and COVID-19 Clinical Trials and NNPA Coronavirus Task Force
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With Kamala Harris, Americans Yet Again Have Trouble Understanding What Multiracial Means
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IN MEMORIAM: John Thompson, Coaching Legend and Unforgettable Mentor, Dies at 78
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‘Nonsensical and Madness’: Outrage After Trump Excludes US From WHO-Backed Global Vaccination Pact
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Family of Jacob Blake Hosts Block Party, Voter Drive to Drown Out ‘Pain and Division’ Brought by Trump Visit to Kenosha
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What’s Hidden Behind the Walls of America’s Prisons – Unprecedented Rates of Containment
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