First Multicultural Influencer Report ‘COLOR OF INFLUENCE’ to Help Brands and Agencies with Diversity

First Multicultural Influencer Report ‘COLOR OF INFLUENCE’ to Help Brands and Agencies with Diversity

by May 12, 2017

The brainchild of marketing executive Ashlene Nand who says costly brand mistakes such as Pepsi’s recent debacle with Kendall Jenner demonstrate a need in the industry; the firm will highlight top culture creators in social media and offer brands a multicultural advisory panel.

ATLANTA, May 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Color of Influence (COI) aims to keep race and diversity top of mind for brands and agencies with a $10 monthly report highlighting multicultural influencers across multiple industries such as auto, CPG, fashion, beauty, entertainment, and finance.

After recent episodes with Pepsi and Shea Moisture, COI publisher Ashlene Nand says it is obvious that brands and agencies need help in this area. “Color of Influence gives brands and their partners’ insights to multicultural talent for only $10 a month. The goal isn’t just to inform you of the cool people, it is to educate readers on cultural nuances in the social landscape and ensure diversity remains an easy integration in all brand campaign work.”

Influencer marketing is said to grow from $500M into a $5B+ industry in the next 5 years. With the obvious power of social media, and the desire for brands to reach audiences on these platforms, a new marketplace of “influencers” – or people with significant followers – is developing where they get paid to promote products and services.

Nand, however, says the industry is not doing enough to ensure there is diversity in influencer marketing and with an increased dependence on data things are getting worse. “Advertising has had a long-standing issue with hiring minorities in leadership positions. Now you have teams of predominantly white agencies marketing to Black, Spanish, Asian consumers and people can see right through it.”

“In today’s social landscape you have to consider how multiple audiences will react to your content,” continues Nand. “Granted it isn’t always possible to do extensive focus groups when you are creating turnkey content in 3 days or 3 weeks. But seriously, why not call upon experts who represent all your consumers?”

Color Of Influence also provides additional services including full in-house creative and an influencer advisory panel that agencies can tap into quickly and efficiently for immediate feedback from influencers themselves.

The first report will be available for free for a limited time from

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