GDN Book Feature: “Church Gossip” Author Shows What Happens When Hurt People Hurt People

by September 14, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Christian Newswire – Reality show after reality show allows us to see the shocking moments a person realizes that their trust has been broken or they have been betrayed by someone they considered a friend. At that moment, the person that has been mistreated launches a plan to execute revenge. Sadly the same mentality can be found in some churches today. The judging, back biting, gossiping, and false perceptions that go on in the church can cause just as much drama and leave a person with real pain, and even cause them to leave the church altogether.

The second novel Church Gossip by author Kelli Bolton sheds light on a not so taboo topic in the church. While many people have become numb to the problem it continues to grow. Kelli’s hope is that once a reader makes the connection between their attitude (judging) and sees the consequences (person hurt) of their behavior they will have a desire to change.

It is from years of being involved in ministry and observing the attitudes and actions of “Christians” that gave Mrs. Bolton the passion to see broken people made whole.

There is a saying that “Every saint has a past, and sinner has a future.” Many times the saints forget that they had a past and the same God that forgave them of their sin, can do the same for the sinner standing before them.

Church Gossip is a soul stirring Christian fiction novel that takes the reader on a journey of a young lady named Sherry Collins. Sherry struggles to maintain her relationship with God after the church she attends with her family turns against them when Sherry’s “mistake” is made known to the church. She accepts the fact that she messed up, but has a hard time understanding why “the church” can’t show her love and instead makes her an outcast. While the title gives the reader an idea of what the book entails, the message is sure leave a little something to think about the next time they are tempted to judge. 

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