GDN Book Review: “Shut Up and Sit Down” A Candid Conversation with the Flesh by Kimberly R. Lock

by April 17, 2017

Milwaukee, WI —A witty, wise and contemporary Christian-centered plan for releasing ourselves from our biggest enemy: Ourselves. The author takes us on a journey necessary to moving forward in relationships, business and spiritual growth. It is time to have a heart-to-heart conversation, candid conversation with ourselves.

In this narrative, Author Kimberly R. Lock leads people from all walks of life out of the dangerous world created in their minds, and out of the spiritual and emotional wilderness, into a place of strength and self-confidence. While planning to release her children’s series, geared towards a conversation amongst a child who desires to be heard and a mother balancing life, a since of urgency was impressed upon the author to write a book that focuses more or spiritual mind renewal. Although the title for Shut up and Sit Down…was given towards the end of 2015, the birthing process began late 2016. Sharing her own personal experiences, Kimberly gives readers a vivid picture of how the flesh and spirit are in constant war with one another, with the objective of the flesh being to destroy us.

Timely topics include:

  • Commitment: Being responsible and conducting yourself appropriately in word and deed.
  • Clarity: The difference between your flesh and the flesh.
  • Imagery: A vivid depiction of who God is, Jesus is, and who we are in them.

Assessments at the end of key chapters give readers various assignments to evaluate their motives and if they align with the principles of God. Sprinkled throughout are biblical quotations that lead readers to see that by believing and trusting in God, they shall find ultimate salvation and should never walk life’s path alone.

About the Author: Kimberly L. Lock assists her husband, Pastor Marlon Lock in the business aspects of the Unity Gospel House of Prayer (UGHOP) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition, she is a speaker, blogger – with weekly devotions published through her own devotional mobile phone app, soloist in the choir, devoted mother of five. You are invited to join the author at, IG/Twitter: @AuthorKimLock, Facebook: AuthorKimberlyLock



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