Uplifting, Inspiring Memoir of Nigeria’s Youngest Female Presidential Candidate

by May 7, 2019

Eunice Atuejide

Eunice Atuejide’s ‘The Girl Who Said ‘I Can!”’ is a profound story and fierce beacon of hope, retelling the life story of a woman who rose from the depths of poverty and despair to the top echelons of society. It was all because of Atuejide’s unwavering grit and determination; a force that allowed her to transcend rape, spousal abuse and seemingly-endless prejudice and discrimination. It’s ultimately a lifeline for all women – that they already have it within them to trump adversity and thrive.

United Kingdom – When Eunice Atuejide looks back at her life, it’s hard to believe that a childhood of poverty set the foundations for an adulthood as a legal practitioner, businesswoman and politician. It’s also hard to believe that Atuejide has almost had her life destroyed by rape and abuse.

But Atuejide is a true maverick who not only refuses to give in to her aggressors, but society’s wider prejudices. In fact, to date, she is the youngest woman to ever run for Nigerian Presidency.

In ‘The Girl Who Said ‘I Can!’’, Atuejide recounts her life story with raw and uninhibited truth. It’s a compelling reminder of the importance of tenacity and never giving up when life’s darkness sets in.


This is the autobiography of Eunice Atuejide, the 2019 Presidential Flagbearer of the National Interest Party (NIP) – a technology driven political party founded and predominantly run by young Nigerians under the age of 40. Eunice is the founder and National Chairman of NIP, and currently the youngest woman to ever run for the Presidency in Nigeria. She is very popular for her non-acceptance of the feminist tag – she claims with much emphasis that she is not a feminist! The Girl Who Said ‘I Can!’ is the story of Eunice’s life from childhood to the 2019 Nigerian presidential elections which she was one of only six women to take part.

The book tells of her early days in the slums of Iwaya, her tumultuous relationships, her sojourn through Europe and America, and the journey to Nigerian politics. The book captures her life in very simple and relatable highly descriptive stories. It is a must read for Africans in the diaspora, young women – particularly of African descent. Women who rose from grass to grace will also find Eunice’s story compelling and so would those wishing to find their footing in business, politics, career, education, even life generally. Eunice’s story is a very inspiring one. Highly recommended to everyone looking for a lift.

“I have always refused to sit back in my so-called “problems” and wallow,” explains the author. “I see what I’ve been through as a reminder for my need to sit back up, rise above the adversity and thrive under my own power. It’s a message I want to impart on all young people especially women, and literature is a vital vehicle for doing so.”

Continuing, “I’m not a traditional feminist, by any stretch of the imagination, and my recent run for Presidential office has awakened me to Nigeria’s wider economic and social problems – problems I am now committed to helping solve. Whether you’re from Nigeria or you’re a young person or a woman based anywhere in the world, my book will bring us together. See what I am made of through my book, decide for yourself how much we have in common, what we can all achieve, then connect with me.”

‘The Girl Who Said ‘I Can!’’ is available on Amazon now: https://amzn.to/2ZyTFjg.

For more information, visit the official website: https://thegirlwhosaidican.com/.

About the Author: 

Eunice Atuejide is a UK/Nigeria qualified legal practitioner, businesswoman, and politician. She holds tertiary qualifications and degrees in law, business administration, film making and languages. She is the founder and National Chairman of the National Interest Party (NIP), a technology driven political party in Nigeria designed to conduct all intra party elections, congresses and party primaries online. She is widely travelled, married with children, speaks Igbo, Yoruba, German and English languages fluently and has a working knowledge of several other languages.

You would find numerous articles about Eunice and interviews she has so far granted if you Google her or search her name on YouTube. Other websites that may have useful information include: www.euniceatuejide.comwww.ebconsults.co.ukwww.nationalinterestparty.com


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