Highschool Activist has Global Reach – A GDN Exclusive Part 2

Highschool Activist has Global Reach – A GDN Exclusive Part 2

by August 31, 2022

(Part 1) Highschool Activist Has Global Reach – GDN Exclusive Part I – Greater Diversity News

Daron Davis

Recently, GDN sat down again with the now first-year college student, Jerome Richardson, to discuss our shared future. It was a big day for Jerome. He was moving into his first dorm room at his new residence at Temple University. He is a remarkably busy young man having to handle all his events, activism, and just growing up. Because of this, it was hard for him to find time to sit down with us again. But he did, and we are very appreciative. We believe this young man’s exposure will benefit us all.

After our last sit down with Jerome, GDN featured him and his accomplishments. This time we focused on partnering with him as he endeavors to develop into one of our future leaders. At Greater Diversity News, we platform projects and campaigns of both the activists and activism they have done.

We discussed our work with The New Black Student Movement (The NBSM). Jerome said, “Yeah, I love the idea… “I think many times; we too often try to reinvent the wheel rather than collaborate and create a movement within each other.” And that prohibits growth because there are so many barriers. So, by partnering with the organization, founded in 1909, the divine nine et al., we have a working system, credibility, and work. That is inspiring.”

We asked Jerome what he considered the most pressing issue; he said it was voter engagement. Richardson said, “I think it’s brilliant that the divine nine has now committed to having a prerequisite in a memorandum of understanding, especially at Howard. Now, to pledge into a fraternity or sorority, you automatically become an NAACP member, and you pay your dues to be a member of the NAACP. Civic engagement is the biggest part of the societal relationship.”

Further reflecting on his history, membership, and leadership with the NAACP YCD, he complimented GDN for its NAACP YCD membership initiative, It’s a Family Affair: NAACP membership.

This young man seemed to have all the right answers. With the love for his community, his awareness of injustice, and his conscience action he has already made a positive difference in his community and with the members of his community. All this, and he is just getting started.

As the interview concluded, we thanked Jerome for the time he granted us and his concern for justice and equity. We also congratulated him on beginning his next phase of life, college life, and understanding that he’s here to work for changes for the betterment of us all. He came into college like a lion, and we believe he will never become one of the sheep.

In conclusion, we came to an understanding. That understanding was that our goals are aligned. We are excited to find and work with men and women that have vision like Jerome. “We are looking for more like him, both young and old, and any in between”

These dedicated and clear-eyed folks focus on equity and justice for a better world. And we will continue to uplift them and support their endeavors. Greater Diversity News and Jerome Richardson will work in collaboration to make a brighter future for everyone.

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